An Interest to Pursue My Studies in Urban Environment's Sustainability at The City College of New York (CCNY)

Planetary issues related to energy and water resources have been of my concern for a long time. My interest to such matter has quided my studies in urban environment’s sustainability. I was privileged to have joined the Urban Sustainability graduate program at The City College of New York (CCNY). The program was completed under the supervision of Dr. Zhang Pengfei.

I was able to conduct a series of experiments to assess the potential capability of Natural Zeolite as a sorbent-based material to remove contaminants from reclaimed wastewater.

This study allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the growing scarcity and quality deterioration of water resources; possible solutions to counteract those issues were also addressed.

Aside from the intense acquired knowledge, I was also exposed to great research methodology. The opportunity to work closely with Dr. Zhang along with coursework such as Sustainable Aquatic, Terrestrial and Atmospheric Systems taught le Mc Donald and Yael Wyner, has motivated me to pursue my graduate studies into the field of water resources.

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After a recent conversation with Dr. Michael Piasecki, I have become more interested in how my knowledge gained from the Urban Sustainability program may be applied to more complex issues and situations and also the impacts that can present in sustaining water needs at local, regional or global scales.

Furthermore, weighing the unanimous crucial importance of information and communication technologies in supporting decision-making for sustainable development, I would like to investigate the impacts of modeling techniques, remotely sensed data and information and communication technologies in planning, management, and conservation of water resources; My long term goal is to provide expert advice to decision-makers in areas such as watersheds and flood management, urban water and aquatic environment that are vital for disaster management.

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Simultaneously, I am looking forward to give out the academic community and build capacity in this field, since the growing world water crisis is also linked to a weak understanding of the problems and possible solutions. Motivated to pursue my goals at all costs, I am eager and open to learn, on my own if necessary, all requirements that will enable me to be more effective in this field.

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