An Analysis of the Movie, I am Sam

If I had to choose a favorite movie, I Am Sam would definitely be at the top of the charts. This movie combines comedy and drama into one. I literally laughed and cried throughout the whole thing. It's been a long time since I've been so moved by a movie. The portrayal of the characters and the storyline were so realistic. I think that aspect made this movie so great.

It was one of the highest rated movies at the time of its release.

It's definitely one of my favorites. Sam, portrayed by Sean Penn, is a mentally ill single father trying to regain custody of his daughter. Due to the reluctance of a high-priced lawyer, played by Michelle Pfieffer, Sam goes to court to try to prove that he can meet the needs of his young daughter. Unfortunately, because Sam is not what society calls "normal," he is not successful. Sam, like any other father who has lost a child, drops everything in life.

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His lawyer comes to him, apologizes and makes him realize that together they could get his life back on track. Slowly but surely, Sam succeeds, and manages to get a job, become closer to his daughter, and eventually restore his relationship with her.

Unfortunately, the movie is a harsh reality about how people with disabilities are represented in today's society. I hope that after watching this film, society will realize that just because someone is "different" does not mean that they cannot be "normal". People with intellectual disabilities and disabilities want the same things from life.

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They deserve the same respect and understanding as anyone else. I highly recommend this movie, and who knows, you might even change your point of view after watching it.

Updated: Mar 24, 2023
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