An Analysis of Eragon

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Eragon The book Eragon ( by Chris Paolini) takes place in the medieval times in a fantasy land called Alagasia, which is ruled by King Galbatorix. In Eragon, a fifteen-year-old boy,named Eragon, was hunting in the woods and then BAM! a bright light shined the whole woods and there laid an egg. So Eragon picked up the egg and brought it back to his farm. He kept on waiting till it hatched. Then one day he went in town to buy food, then a storyteller named Brom told him about Dragon and Dragon Riders.

He said to him “King Galbatorix was the only Dragon Rider because he killed all the Dragon’s and Dragon Riders, but there is one more egg left that hasn’t chosen their Rider. When it finds him, it will be all over.” Then the next day he finds that the egg hatched. Then now Eragon knows he’s the next Dragon Rider so he gets ready and on a journey to defeat King Galbatorix.

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Eragon is the main character of this novel. He is a farm boy who lives in a small town outside of Alagasia called Cavahall. He lives with is Uncle Garrow.

Eragon is a boy who always does well for his family and always tries to put family first. He does this by getting food for his family and also when he heard that his uncle is in danger because King Galbatorix sent the Ra’zac to go after Eragon, but since he wasn’t there he killed his uncle instead.

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Also, Eragon is very brave and courageous to go to Alagasia and face King Galbatorix. The reason he is going there is because he wants the world to be free of his control. Eragon met Brom when went to Cavahall to get some groceries for his uncle. Then he met a storyteller named Brom. Brom asked if he wanted to listen to a story about the Dragon Riders. Brom isn’t really a storyteller, but he’s a Dragon Rider. Brom is a person that likes to be the leader because he was once the leader of the Dragon Riders. Brom helps Eragon on his adventure to Alagasia. The reason that Brom isn’t a Dragon Rider anymore is because Morzan, Galbatorix’s friend, kills his dragon and then Brom kills Morzan with his own sword.

The sword that he killed Morzan with is given to Eragon when he is going to Alagasia. Brom is killed later at the end of the book when Durza, the powerful Shade throws a harpoon at Eragon and Brom jumps in front of Eragon. Galbatroix is a mean and evil king of Alagasia. He was a century ago in Inzilbeth. He has trained to be Dragon Rider since he was ten. He thought he was so strong a young age he thought he could go up against the Urgals. The Urgals were eight foot tall giants that were very strong and skilled. When Galbatroix went up against the Urgals, his friends and his dragon were killed. Then when he got back to Alagaia he wasnt aloud to have a dragon. So he waited till Morzan to betray the Dragon Riders and come back with a dragon. When Morzan came back, they both killed off the Dragon Riders. During the battle Morzan died by Brom. Know since a dragon has found Eragon, know Eragon must battle Galbatroix to make peace in Alagasia. In Eragon the author is trying to tell us that even though the enemy might be bigger and more powerful than us, never up and keep on training because, in the end will succeed.

In the book it shows this by Eragon going up against the most powerful Dragon Rider ever. He kept on training and training, and at the end he succeeded. This book is an overall A because it has very good detail about the story and also kept you wanting to read it more. The next book going to read would be The Eldest by Chris Paolini. The reason that I would read this book is because, the next book of Chrisics trilogy of Eragon. Also I like books that have good action in them and a book that you wonet put down.

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