All Summer in One Day

On venus the sun only comes out every seven years! The kids in Mrs. Teacherman’s class say that they remember the sun.

They called it “a golden coin large enough to buy the world,” however, they would have been only two or three years old back then so they sadly don’t really remember it at all. The only one that does remember it is Margot Sune Valhill who came here from Ohio on planet Earth. She was five years old when she moved to Venus so she was old enough to remember the sun. Margot’s classmates did not like her at all because she never participated in classroom activities unless it involved the sun and they were jealous that she really remembers seeing it a few years ago.

On March 22nd the sun was supposed to come back out at 12:39pm and the kids were piled up against the window except Margot was standing two windows away. Next, a boy named William, ask Margot what she was doing but she didn’t answer him so he shoved her.

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Even after being shoved she didn’t say anything and just kept looking out the window. That was until Billy Bob said that the sun wasn’t really coming out. He kept saying the opposite of what she was saying. She was trying to explain the sun to them but they were being mean and decided to lock her in a closet so she would miss seeing the sun this time.

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The teacher comes back into the classroom after Margot is locked in the closet and asks “is everyone ready to go?” They say “yes” without her realizing that Margot was not there.

Margot’s classmates walked outside and watched the rain stop and the sun appear. Mrs. Teacherman said “don’t go too far” but they bolted anyway. They had so much fun running and laying down in the actual sun. They didn’t care about getting sunburn or anything or anyone (Margot). They said that this was so much better than the sun lamps they usually get their “sun” from. They were running a muck and enjoying the fresh air until one of the girls felt a raindrop. The raindrop meant that the sun was going away again and it was going to rain for another seven years.

Mrs. Teacherman and the rest of the class came back in and a girl named Poppy said “Margot.” At hearing her name everyone started feeling guilty about leaving her in there to miss the sun. They decided that needed to let her out. They didn’t what to expect though. Would she come running or would she just be sitting there crying? They weren’t sure so they “unlocked the door slowly and let Margot out even more so.”

It would be shocking for them to find out what really happened. See Margot knew about an air vent in the closet. She knew she could get out that way. After everyone left she climbed up and out the vent so that she could see the sun too. She went to a clearing in the woods she knew about from the day she arrived on Venus. She had planned to tell everyone about it until they locked her in the closet. When she saw the clouds she ran back and got back into the closet without being spotted. When they opened the door they just started at her until she finally asked “how was it?”

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