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Alice Walker: The Welcome Table

Categories: Alice Walker

Through literature we have the ability to learn about various significances and other human experiences. “Literature influences each private in a different way” (Clugston, 2010). In Alice Walker’s narrative The Welcome Table, it enabled the readers to read and learn more about how, and what life was like for a senior black girl during the 1960s. Throughout these times blacks were discriminated versus and the harsh treatment that they sustained as human beings was unnatural and unusual to us in this day and time.

In this narrative by Ms. Walker, it depicts to the readers how throughout this time duration the African Americans were dealt with. The reason that this story captured my attention was because of the fact that the elderly woman that is represented in the story was so cruelly victimized for entering a white church.

As you read this story, one can not assist however be intrigued by how the story discusses the elderly woman and how she has lived her life and had been treated her entire life.

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Alice Walker starts the story off with the lady preparing yourself to attend church and the clothing that she is dressed in, you knew she had no cash. “The old female stood with eyes uplifted in her Sunday ~ GO ~ TO ~ conference clothing: high shoes polished about the tops and toes, a long rusty dress decorated with an old corsage, long corsage, long withered, and the residues of a sophisticated silk scarf as headrag stained with grease from the any oily ponytails underneath.

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” (Walker,1967) This bad lady had actually lived a tough life and it revealed on her face and body, so you could tell she knew suffering. The story informs us that this old girl stumbles into an all white church from the freezing cold. The bad white people simply looked at her in pure shock as though she had devoted a criminal offense for entering their church.

In the reading it specified “And so they gazed nakedly upon their own fear moved; a worry of the black and the old, a terror of the unidentified along with of the deeply known.” (Clugston, 2010) This reveals from the sentence, the method the congregation looked at the senior woman, they were scared of African-Americans at this time period for no reason that they might even totally comprehend. They suggesting the white neighborhood did not like blacks and they were dealt with unjustly at all times and any expense.

The way that the black people were treated back in the 1960s and even before the 1960s, the African-American people were not treated or respected like the white people. To read a story like this, helps me to understand the struggle and pain that the woman endured, as it was told by the narrator or persona of the reading. Some of the people felt as if the beginning of the end of worshipping of the Holy Church and as an invasion of their privacy. Many felt also as if they had lost their privacy now that she had entered their place of Holy Worship.

As, I bring this to a close we have to remember that no matter whom or where we are in the world today, we should not pass judgment on another person just because of how they dress, their ethnic background, or where they may live. The story portrayed an elderly black lady who was forgetful and showed her struggle through her eyes and body still walked down the road about a half mile to this church to worship the lord. Even though she was thrown from the church, she did not stop singing and talking to her God. To me, this shows us that no matter our struggle we should never stop believing in what we believe just because someone else does not want us to.


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