Alcoholism and its effects on society

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The alcohol is a terrible disease that effects not only your own body and mental health but also it effects everybody who surrounds you. By being an alcoholic you are experiencing all different types of problems. It can be either a problem with a lack of money that will bring you to the friends who are going to get tired of it sooner or later, or alcohol will ruin your healthy relationship with your family and your lovely kids. People who are suffering from this disease are usually not successful in anything they are trying to do.

Alcohol is simply ruining your life.

Alcohol and financial problems

We consider an alcohol as a drug that makes you addicted to it really quick. Person will be thinking that one drink will not do anything to him/her, and that might be right. The next time that person will be thinking that if one drink did absolutely nothing to him/her then what could happen with two drinks.

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And he/she will be keep on going and going until they will reach that point where they realize that they are a typical alcoholics. It’s just like that story with a frog. “If you put a frog into the bowl with a temperature lower than her body’s, she will jump out immediately. If you put her into the bowl with exact the same temperature as her body or a little bit wormer then she will stay in there. You can be increasing the temperature but the frog will still stay in there because she is not feeling the difference, and she will be there until she literally cooks alive.

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” Same thing happens to the alcoholics, they are simply not feeling any difference in their body temperature. They will be just drinking until they either pass out or just “cook alive”. Thru all this times they will be spending a quite a bit of money and since they are drinking and keep on wasting time to go buy drinks, that means they are not working most of these days, simply because they are drunk.

That can cause them losing their job. The costs of alcohol increase as the alcoholic person builds tolerance to the drug in his or her system. Let’s assume that a beer cost $5 per six pack. That means they will be spending more than $500 a year. If they would stop drinking and start saving those money, they would’ve easily go to Cuba every year, but instead they choose alcohol. Alcoholics will just keep on spending money until they will reach that point where they will have neither money, neither a life around them and they will think that it’s time to stop now, but no. They are not going to be able to do it that easily, because they are way too addicted to it now!

At that point alcoholics will try to go to the hospital where they can get some treatment. According to the website Drug Rehabs, a week at some live-in treatment centers can cost the patient several thousand dollars, as much as a luxury hotel. Also another way they can lose their money is by causing damage not just to themselves but to others as well. The alcoholic person can easily hit another car, that will not only cause a mechanical damages but also in the worst case it can cause death to the innocent person. All this consequences will tear apart the alcoholic. And that’s where they might collapse and commit a suicide.

Alcohol and friends

Friends is one of the most important things to have in the life. They are always there to provide support and to help thru the hardest times. Friends are playing a big role in any anybody’s life. When person under the effect of alcohol he/she don’t understand all of importance. They can easily harm their best friend, assault their best friend or even kill without even knowing why they are doing it. Of course friends will try to help, they will do everything possible to get that person out of that situation. And he/she still will be drinking and enjoying the moment, they are not going to stick around for that long. Maybe after that person wakes next morning sober and will try to say sorry to their friends.

They are not going to be there anymore, because they give a chance to change but unfortunately it wasn’t as important as a beer. In other way if that person have a non-drinking company then it will be easier for him to influence all of his friends just to join him or at list one, then to go thru all this treatments. The alcoholic might ruin the whole life of that person, their dreams, future, maybe even a family, just by influencing him to have some shoots with you every other day. Also there have been so many situation where drunk friend was driving his other friends and suddenly he lost control and all of them died.

Alcohol and relationship problems

Alcoholism are likely to cause harm for anyone in a relationship with the sufferer. People who find themselves in a romantic relationship with an alcoholic may end up making excuses for their lack of attendances or improper conduct at social functions. Family problems, such as arguing, bickering, stonewalling, withdrawal, and generally poor communication can be find in any couple/family who have an alcoholic person. Families rely heavily on one another for support. This includes both financial and emotional support, which alcoholism can erode over time. Alcoholic person cannot provide neither a money for food and cloth, neither a roof above their head. Families rely heavily on one another for support. That support can easily be demolished by a stupid intoxicated liquid. When alcoholics where trying to build that relationship to have a better life for theirs children and themselves. Instead of fighting thru that, trying to be better they simply gave up and said no to everything they had. Now the only thing they will have is a castle out of empty beer bottles.

Alcoholic Parents and Children

Having an alcoholic parent is one of the worst things that could happen to the child. Children are likely to experience a number of problems related to the parents when alcoholism is involved. They may experience neglect or physical and mental abuse as a parent loses awareness of their actions due to the effects of alcohol. After all of that children might find problems with their own social development. An alcoholic parent unwilling or unable to support the child’s endeavors. This can range from missed events such as soccer games to birthday parties. Kids who are grow up in a family with one or more alcoholics often have emotional problems. Their homes are filled with conflict, tension and stress. As a result many children’s feel depressed and anxious. They might be even afraid to go to school, wet their beds, cry or have night mares. At the end they simply can isolate themselves or develop fears.

Children who are living with alcoholics have a higher chance of becoming an alcoholic themselves and they will likely try their first drink before or during their teenage years. In conclusion I would like to say that all this problems would never happened if there was no alcohol involved. There would never been any children who are becoming alcoholics at age of 15 just because their parents were doing that as well. There would have never happened any innocent deaths due to impaired driving that involve innocent people. None of this problems would never have been raised if only you just had said NO I’m not drinking. Why make it complicated, your life would’ve been much easier. As Jim Carrey said “I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.”

References List The story with a frog is from my head. I red it long time ago in one article. I wrote this in case you will ask for the references and where I got from. Alcohol and children – source: Book – Alcohol by Judy Monroe 1994

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Alcoholism and its effects on society

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