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Planned parenthood has come a long way in its time. It was first opened as a birth control clinic in 1916, founded by Margaret Sanger. She then founded the American Birth control League in 1921. This became Planned Parenthood in 1942. Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care.

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For planned parenthood, the conventional wisdom is very black and white. There are very different sides to planned parenthood, those who support it and those that are against it. The conventional wisdom for both is rather standard.

On one side you have those that are considered to be pro-life. They see planned parenthood as a means for those who want to get an abortion and usually nothing else. They see it as a place that is evil or bad because women go there to essentially destroy or murder a potential human life. Their main concern is the life of the fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus. Pro-life advocates believe that Planned Parenthood does not follow state or federal law.

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Those that are pro-choice, can see that planned parenthood is more than a place to get an abortion. They believe that the organization's family planning services reduce the need for abortions. Their viewpoint is that everyone has a right to decide when and if they have children or not. Everyone has the right to choose to get an abortion for an unplanned pregnancy if that’s what they want. Planned Parenthood is a medical facility for those that may not have access to reproductive health care. Planned parenthood is educational and helps those that may not have insurance, funds, is in a bad situation and so much more. Planned parenthood offers many kinds of services. They offer services for birth control, cancer screenings, wellness exams, LGBTQ health, HIV prevention, abortion care, sex education, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, HPV vaccine, morning-after pill, and sexual health and wellness. For many people, abortion is a mortality issue about when human life begins, the rights of the fetus, and a women’s right over her own body.

For those that consider themselves pro-life Planned parenthood is not something they support. “Someone who is “pro-life” believes that the government has an obligation to preserve all human life regardless of intent, viability, or quality of life concerns” (Head, 2019). The pro-life perspective is very similar to that of the Catholic Church. The Catholic is against abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide, and the death penalty. On the religious side of pro-life, they believe there is a soul the moment conception occurs. To them, life is determined by the presence of that soul. They believe there is no difference between terminating a pregnancy and killing a living breathing person. Pro-life believes that “even a nonviable, undeveloped human life is sacred and must be protected by the government. Abortion should be prohibited…” (Head 2019). New technology is also affecting the pro-life argument. People can learn more about their pregnancy earlier than they were able to before. It has doctors reconsidering laws like Roe vs Wade that state that after 28 weeks states could restrict women’s access to abortions. They are considering the threshold to be closer to 22 weeks. This new technology makes it easier to humanize a fetus and give it a moral status. Science is unable to prove whether a fetus or embryo is a person. It is also heavily debated in politics. Right now, some states are banning abortion altogether and making the procedure punishable by law. “Alabama's governor just signed into law the strictest abortion ban in the nation, imposing lengthy prison sentences on doctors who perform the procedure” (Lu, 2019). Many people in politics want to get rid of Roe v. Wade which would get rid of the ruling of legalized abortions nationwide. Pro-life wants to ban abortions because it goes against what they morally believe is right.

Pro-choice is the complete oppose of pro-life. Pro-choice believes that reproductive rights are human rights. “Reproductive rights are essential for achieving gender equality. Reproductive freedom means having affordable access to all reproductive health care options, including birth control and abortion care” (NARAL, 2019). Pro-choice advocates believe that everyone should have the choice to choose if they want to have a child not. They believe it’s a women’s choice and right to do what they want with their bodies. Banning abortions would put women at risk. It would create a dangerous environment. If they do not have a safe option, they will be forced to use places that provide illegal abortions. They believe women should be viewed as people not just incubators for the fetus. “For more than 100 years, we’ve been the expert, leading source of reproductive health information, education and advocacy” (Planned Parenthood, 2019). Planned Parenthood wants to build a healthier world for the new generation. “Local access to Planned Parenthood is associated with lower high school dropout rates in young women” (Hicks, 2016). Instead of just teaching abstinence Parenthood teaches teens and young adults about safe sex and in-depth sex education. Planned Parenthood provides women, men, and young people with sexual and reproductive health education, contraceptives, treatment for complications from unsafe abortion, and access to safe abortion care, where it is legal. It is the nation’s leading provider and advocate of high-quality health care. Pro-choice believes that politics should not compromise the information and care given by planned parenthood and other non-profit organizations. Along with politics, they believe religion should not in any way influence anyone’s right to health care. Politics, media, religion, and pro-life often spread false information to try and discredit what Planned Parenthood actually does.

There should not be opposing sides when it comes to health and education. Health and education are an important part of everyone’s lives. Society needs these things to grow and prosper. There should not be pro-life or pro-choice. Everyone should mind their own business when it comes to someone else’s health and body. What a woman does or does not do with her body should have nothing to do with religion or politics. It should be between herself and whatever she may or may not believe in. Planned Parenthood should be treated like other medical offices. Planned Parenthood isn’t run by just anyone they have educated volunteer doctors and nurses. For Planned Parenthood “abortion accounts for only 3 percent of the organization’s health-care services…” (Evans, 2017). Most people go to Planned Parenthood for contraceptives and STI/ STD testing. Planned parenthood provides many kinds of health care options other than abortions. Planned Parenthood’s reputation suffers from those that are not willing to change their viewpoint. Organizations like this should be viewed objectively rather than subjectively. Someone else’s opinion should affect someone’s ability to get the health care they need to survive.

The conventional wisdom for planned parenthood is black and white. There are two sides to it, those that are for it and those that are against it. Those that are pro-choice see the benefits and education provided by this non-profit organization. On the other side of this argument is it seen as bad or evil because it provides abortions to women. Everything else Planned Parenthood does is ignored. Those that are pro-life believe Planned Parenthood goes against the law. They believe Planned Parenthood is murdering potential lives. Instead of fighting over this Planned Parenthood should be treated as any other medical office would be. It’s there to provides health and education to its patients. Rather than being subjective people should be objective. Everyone deserves privacy and the right over their bodies.

Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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