Advertising, Publicity, And Sales Promotion

Advertising, publicity, and sales promotion are all methods used in the marketing of products by different industries, companies or business in order to create awareness of the products in which they offer. The activities that are generally involved is basically buying and selling of goods. Marketing, as well, involves advertising, selling and delivering products to the people. In this research text, the main subjects are well distinct including; advertising, publicity and sales promotions (Baverstock, 2015). By simple definition, advertising may be defined as a tactic that is commonly applied in marketing, in which, space is paid with the intent of promoting a product, service and finally, a case.

On the other hand, publicity may be defined as giving out information about a product, or even a company aiming at making the product or company look familiar in the market. Sales promotion might be characterized as a procedure including influence of some potential clients who may purchase the item. Sales promotion has been designed to enable a short time and a fast tactic in order to boost the buying of goods from different firms (Baverstock, 2015).

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Advertising employs tactics that are openly sponsored. The non-personal message, which aims to promote and hence increasing the sales of a certain type of a product or even a service in the market. Those who are intending to promote a product are typically businesses that are wishing to promote the products or services that they are producing or offering respectively. In this case, the advertiser is required to pay for the advertisement, though in the different forms including the odds, adverts especially where online advertising is concerned (Wyer & Srull, 2015).

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The advertiser, in the same case, has all the authority over the advertisement and in this case, advertising becomes differentiated from public relations. Another distinguishing factor of advertising is that it is very non-personal, in that, the message is not targeted to a particular individual as in the personal selling where a certain group is normally targeted.

There are several methods of advertising including the traditional media and the new media. The traditional methods include the following; print media such as newspapers, magazines, outdoor, radio, television, and sending of direct mails to the potential customers. However, the examples of the new media include the following; search results, blogs, social media platforms, the creation of websites and finally use of text messaging (Wyer & Srull, 2015).

In the modern world, the most commonly used methods of advertisement are the new media. In this case, we are going to go through the most popular among the forms of the new media, which include the online ads and social media platforms (Samsinar, 2015).

The companies have now realized the increased usage of internet by most of the people around the globe and in the response to this use of online marketing or advertising has proved to be the best and the most expensive way to cover the largest population who are as well the prospective customers. The businesses through the assistance of Google Corporation can be able to purchase various ads in which they promote their products through. The websites that receive the highest traffic are the most common sites in which the ads are placed in order to have a wide coverage of the potential customers. These companies receive the maximum assurance of the effectiveness of this method depending on the enticing message that the ads possess (Samsinar, 2015). The advertising ad must contain all the intended information about the product being advertised and at the same time be the most attractive to catch the attention of the targeted group. Social media such as Facebook has as well allocated to use of these ads in which they only show up two profiles that meet the specifications of the target market indicted by the company.

Social media marketing has become the most popular form of advertising. There are different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchats, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many more on the list. In the US, the most common platforms in use by the adults are Facebook and YouTube while Instagram and Snapchat occupy the largest population of the youths using it (Hopkins, 2016). This indicates that depending on the demographic nature of the targeted market one can be able to choose the best platform to advertise your products as a company.

The report indicates that most of the company that advertises their products through Facebook accounts for the largest of share to their annual financial incomes. It is worth understanding that social media advertising does not select any type of business to be it a huge business or medium or even small. For the starting businesses, it is advisable to invest in the social media platforms to increase the awareness of the products that the company offers or produces. The only advice and tactic is the need to invest some significant time in making and building of a presence and modeling a very engaging content in the advertisement. In the same, it would yield well if the company promoting the products raises some premiums to the bloggers with the largest number of followers in order to pave way for them to be advertised in the same blog (Hopkins, 2016).

Updated: Jul 25, 2022
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