Publicity And Advertising

In publicity, the most common subjects are the people, including the politicians, and the celebrities, goods, and services, organizations, entertainment as well as works of arts. In this case, the product gains public visibility through the media. The main aim of this method of marketing has been the product promotion just as similar to the advertisement and sales promotion. The advantage of this method marketing is the least cost that is involved and credibility, the reason is that it is aired between news stories like in the television newscast (Ogilvy, 2013).

However, there has been an improvement of this method of marketing through the introduction of new technologies such as web cameras, weblogs, web affiliates, and convergence. The introduction of such methods has facilitated the popularity of the method of product marketing. Despite, having some of the advantages this method has several disadvantages including lack of control of the company that is using this method. This raises frustrations over the low percentages of releases which are taken up by the media advertising the company.

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Similarly; the company has no control over what should be aired to the people as those capturing is independent.

The purpose of publicity is majorly getting the most specific information across to the most people as possible within the shortest time. In this case, for a company to record a lot of sales, the company must make the biggest steps of ensuring that the product they are offering is familiar among most people. The customers as well must be able to know all the benefits attached to the products (Ogilvy, 2013).

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The more the number of potential markets the more the number of sales and consequently, the larger the returns. When a company majors at publicity it may be viewed as very different from the other types of product promotion in the sense that there are no messages concerning the product beyond making the product very familiar to the people. The publicity campaign may be made to make a product or a brand very familiar through the different strategies, including the placing of the products and logos on vehicles that are seen around the area that has the targeted market.

Whenever the company wants to build credibility and awareness, publicity may be the most important key. In another case, when the company wants to introduce a new product in the market. Publicity has various forms, including the following; Expert quotes in the different stories that may have been written by a blogger or a journalist. Stories that have been authored by the specific company intending the promotion of its product on the websites or in the publications of that industr. Speaking engagements. Use of the news stories or rather interviews in the trade journals, television, magazines, newspapers and finally, in the industrial sites.

In the issue of being very cost effective it operates in the manner that it builds awareness about the various services or goods, driving the prospective customers to the website of the company (Pignataro, 2013). It as well drives participation in the various promotions or events while educating the market on the various distinct problems in which the individual company can solve and finally, creating an ongoing dialogue with the business forming some form of market participation at the same time.

The only guarantee is creating of the creation of newsworthy stories to get access to the market that the company is targeting. These stories should at the same time be very interesting, relevant, timely and at the same time giving insight to the new potential market. This is what improves the visibility of the company in question. To further improve the publicity of the company or business, including news releases on the website and the home page as they largely assist in the various search engines rankings while giving the potential customers the chance to see what the company is currently offering (Pignataro, 2013). The results of publicity are not just luck, however, are returns of a great investment in the good public relations program. Adopting the internet to make a good PR promotes the products compared to the traditional form of publicity. It’s similarly worth noting that it is difficult to measure the results or rather the returns of publicity for companies or businesses, but the success depends on the efforts done towards this form of marketing.

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