Advantages And Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

Almost all households in this world uses a gas powered vehicles which causes the greenhouse effect or more known as the global warming. The global warming itself is caused by the emission of the gas powered vehicles. To prevent this, technologists have invented a vehicle that uses electricity. Although there are many benefits, in a developing countries, owning and using an electric car results in having both advantages and also disadvantages. The first noticeable advantage is of course the no gas emission from electric cars.

Electric cars use a battery that is charged in most homes and businesses. The battery is charged in a charging station and usually lasts for approximately a maximum of 100 miles. ” As of 2013, networks of charging stations are being built in major developed countries. While many of charging station networks can handle multiple vehicle types, and may be provided by or partially supported by local governmental authorities, some companies are providing proprietary charging networks.

An example of the latter is the Tesla supercharger network provided by Tesla Motors which, in June 2013, announced an upgrade of their stations to become “Tesla stations” which would also support under-two-minute battery swaps for the Tesla Model S.

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”. Using an electric car will dramatically reduce gas emissions that cause the greenhouse effect and air pollution. This will later on control our dependence on oil. “Powering a car on electricity would result in 93 percent less smog-forming volatile organic compounds and 31 percent less nitrogen oxide emissions than powering a car on gasoline” The second advantage is the fuel economy.

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Electric vehicles do not run on gas, thus they have different calculations with vehicles using gas. “Instead of calculating the miles per gallon, electric vehicles are measured based on the miles they can go on a fully charged battery. ” Electric vehicles win in efficiency because it is said that most electric cars used 60% of its stored battery power into energy, while gas vehicles only converts 20% of its stored potential energy. While there are plenty of advantages, there are also disadvantages upon using an electric vehicle.

The first one is, as stated above, the limited amount of distance. An electric vehicle can only last for a maximum of 100 miles. Imagine if the user needs to go on a long trip, or even when the user is trapped in a traffic jam “the fear you’ll run out of juice when you’re nowhere near a charging station. ” Secondly, the building that charges the electric vehicles needs a lot of power. Some countries use solar panel for charging EVs. But some countries will have a hard time supporting it since solar panel is expensive.

Thus they use coal power plants for charging the EVs. It is an irony where electric cars, that is made for reduce the amount of gas emission and global warming, will end up making gas emissions from the power plant. “But you’re just burning coal instead of gasoline in your electric car–so how’s that any better? ” In conclusion, using an electric vehicle can have advantages and disadvantages. Some people still prefer to use gas powered vehicles and some prefer to use electric vehicles.

In the end, it is up to them to decide which one is best for them since it depends on their situation. For example, if they need to travel far, then it is no choice for them to use a gas powered vehicles. In the end, the advantages are the no gas emission, fuel economy while the disadvantages are the limited amount of distance, and the misconception of power plant.


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