Adult education Essay Topics

The effect of the arts in education

In all cultures in the world, arts teach the history of the society through a certain period. It provides the information about the happenings and the achievements that were achieved through the period. Arts are the most crucial factors in every day lives, were cannot make a single step ahead without a help of art… View Article

Theories of learning

This assignment will address andragogy – a theory of learning. To do this it will focus on the specific areas of andragogy and compare them to other theories of learning. The theory of andragogy has been around for nearly two centuries and the findings are particularly linked to the work of Malcolm Knowles. The judgements… View Article

Compare Bronfenbrenner and Erikson

Lifespan Developments Theories offer explanations of how the individual changes and develops throughout their lifetime. While this objective is constant, the focus of these theories vary. Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory adopts an intrapersonal focus, outlining nine age related stages of the life cycle while Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Stage Theory focuses on five socio-cultural stages within which… View Article

Learning Contracts

Table of Contents Section Page Abstract1 Introduction 2 Definition of Learning Contract2 Purpose of the Learning Contract3 Uses of Learning Contracts3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Contracts4 Advantages4 Disadvantages5 Designing Learning Contracts5 Conclusions and Recommendations 6 Conclusion 6 Recommendations…..……………………………………………………6 References8 Abstract Learning contracts are being used in post-secondary education. Adults approach learning as problem solving… View Article

The Role of The Guidance Counsellor

INSTITUTE OF GUIDANCE COUNSELLORS The Role of The Guidance Counsellor ContentsPage Introduction3 Definition3 Membership4 Adult Guidance5 The Role of the Guidance Counsellor7 Vocational, Education & Personal Guidance8 Labour Market Education & Training14 Equality & Diversity15 Managing A Service & Programme Delivery15 Information & Resource Management16 Counselling Skills17 Ethical Principles & Professional Practice18 A Model of Practice… View Article