ABSTRACT Today social Medias are the integral part of everybody's life Now days

ABSTRACT Today social Medias are the integral part of everybody's life. Now days due to variety of services and changes in technology libraries have begun to alter the way. Social media is key in 21st century and using this we achieve our aims in minimum time which completed Dr. Rangnathans Five Laws. Social media is powerful information tools and way for libraries to promote their activities, resources and services. This paper briefly discusses the concept, social media tools, need of social media in library and disadvantages of social media in library.

KEYWORD: Library, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, 1. INTRODUCTION: Social Media is a new method of communication for us and big impact on daily routine. Social Media makes human interaction much more convenient and much faster than real life. It makes globalization a reality; it gives a chance for people to express themselves. Social Media makes it easy for people to communicate and interact with each other anytime, anywhere in the world.

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People can stay connected with each other. Now days with a touch of a button people could communicate with anybody anywhere in the world. Social Media is collection of websites, applications which share or create content and also help to participate in social networking. Social Media is not limited to blogging and sharing pictures. Social Media are interactive computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information ideas, career interests, blogging, sharing pictures news in faster speed. In now a days Social Media has grown the amendously at an unexpectedly faster and has connected many peoples around the world.

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Social Media is a way to shape education careers. Social Media has the potentials to facilitate much closer relationship between libraries and their users. By using Social Media users are not necessary to go library for library services they access anywhere they want. Social Media is a tool for achieving their purpose. Social Media is a popular platform for young generation to access from library and libraries can also connect with them. Social Media has the potential to facilitate much closer relationship between libraries and their users. At present there are too many social medial tools available which provide various types of facilities like sharing photos, videos, messaging etc. Social Media was created for users to communicate and connect. It is important to learn how users are interacting with libraries. Social Media alerts users to know about collections, to provide links to articles, videos, or helpful articles.Social Media toolsThere are too many different types of Social Media available for different types of purpose. Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Twitter Tumblr Instagram Snachat Pinterest You Tube Periscope Facebook Line VimeoBlogs, wikis, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, are commonly used tools for learning and they are beneficial for library.BLOG: - a blog is user generated website where entries are much in journal style and displaced in a reverse chronological order. It can be used for promoting library and information resource and services. Using blogs Librarian have get information about the newsletters, alters, emails, posters. Blog is away to push information out but gather feedback. Blog is useful for librarian to gather database updates, new site and library service available in library, library notice, event information in the one place on a blog. Blog helps to provide librarians roles and responsibilities. Wikis: a wiki is a website on which user collaboratively modify content and structure directly from the web browser. It is a place where a website or database developed collaboratively by a community of user, allowing any user to add and edit content with the click of the edit button, sharing examples of library wiki. Wikis easy to use, flexibility with regard to participation, use of hyperlinks to organize content, space for discussion and webpage turns into a text document that can easily formatted. LinkedIn: is the world's largest professional network. LinkedIn at the library will provide users with the tools and knowledge to maximize their use of the bright career and networking. Students can find too many opportunities though LinkedIn including Jobs, internship because increasing using web search. Understanding how LinkedIn can be used to help job-hunters with research, interview preparation.Twitter: is a popular social media tool to connect and communicate with each other. Libraries use twitter to make connections to users and organizations within their communities to build community online. Twitter is a tool for libraries to reach their users and gaining inspiration with whatever turns you on and engaging with user of similar interest. Twitter chats are good for discussion on various subjects. Twitter relies on messaging service by using cellphone, messenger or specific websites it allows the user to send message to friends easily and quickly.Facebook: is the most popular social networking site. Facebook is a interactive medium. Libraries should address their users in a formal but friendly way and encourage them to engage with their page by inviting them to share posts and leave comments. By using Facebook library is to provide the right information to the right user at the right time using Facebook library display new arrived resources, upload event, lectures as per users demand.Social Media use in library: Social Media is powerful information tool and used in various way like communication, import information, sharing events, showing photos. Social Media us in libraries to promote their activities and services to users. Social Media is the way for librarian to reach up to their users who may not considered the library as a resource for their information need. In today's information age user have not too much time to search information from books, journals but using social media they get information within a second. Using Social Media in library we can add creativity to our thinking as user can share their views and work with each other. It allows users to explore and become actively involved without any rejection. Users use social media for searching and it help to determine what user feel, why they are away from library but find what is their need. Social Media are important tool for library to share what's going on at the library and provide the user need. Disadvantages of using social media in Library Messages overload Slow speed of Internet Too many social media tools to learn Connection blockage Privacy Concern Electricity failureConclusion Social media are become more popular in today's life. Social Media is the key for online activity. Social media is powerful information tool and way for libraries to promote their activities and services to users. Social Media means join groups, make friends, post comments, participate, finding information, add or share post. Using Social Media communicate with users, sharing articles, videos, links, photos, and more. Ask for feedback, respond to user, worldwide connectivity, and free advertising, real time information sharing.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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ABSTRACT Today social Medias are the integral part of everybody's life Now days essay
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