A Village Fair Essay

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A Village Fair

A village fair is a gathering of men, women and children of villages at a central and convenient place either on the banks of the river or at the market place. Generally during Hindu festivals fair are held near the Hindu temples. Fairs are held on Eid days, on the 10th day of Muharram and also on the last and first day of the Bengal New Year. The children, the old and the young wait eagerly for such a day. This gives a sudden change in the monotonous life of the village. A hectic preparation takes place in village to supply artistic things for the children. There is huge gathering of people irrespective of caste and creed, high and low.

The children generally put on their best dress to attend the fair. Children and housewives make lists of things to be purchased from the fair before a mouth or more. Everyone awaits the arrival of the day to fulfill their desire. When the day comes, their joy knows no bound. A village fair has its special features. For this day, the carpenter, the potter, the weaver, the blacksmith and the artisans make things in an attractive way. The potter makes pots and dolls of different shapes and sizes. They have roaring sale. The carpenter makes wooden horses, elephant, boats, carriages and other toys painted in an attractive way.

The weaver also comes forward with the most attractive cloths and sarees. This is also a great day for the blacksmith to make useful parts of the plough and other necessary implements used in farming and agriculture. The artisans also display their ingenuity. Generally, in a fair sweets of different tastes and colours are placed in stalls for sale in open places. Thousands of flies come forward to take taste of them. The villagers buy and eat those sweets. As a result, there is every chance of the outbreak of cholera and dysentery. There are other enemies also. Cheats, Pickpockets and other bad character haunt their parents.

A village fair has a great importance on the life of the village folk. This is a special day outside the days of routined life and activities. The things made by the villagers tempt others to make similar things and earn money. A village fair thus takes away the monotony of the village life. A village fair is very pleasant and interesting. There are government blocks which display different kinds of pictures. They teach us rules of health and how things are done. A village fair is a cultural expression of our rural society. It lets us know about the real nerves of the country people.

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