A Sad Story About A Woman

This week’s reading was incredible at explaining all of this in an easy to understand way: “The suspension of disbelief is the leap of faith readers make when they accept the special kind of truth and validity of a fictional world.” It goes on, “If the work remains true to itself, readers will follow. But if you ask your readers to suspend their disbelief without regard to the premises of the story, they will stop suspending and start disbelieving.”

Then it says on Symbolism: “Fiction writers can’t help using symbolism; humans are always relating to each other symbolically.

” That is so true. “Symbolism is neither a variety of artificial decoration nor a secret code. It’s the word made flesh. It’s the idea made visible. Writers are, after all, symbol making animals.” That is simply the best way to look at it.

This is an interesting yet strange a sad story about a woman recovering from childbirth. Her husband rents this weird house for the two of them to stay in for three months, in which lies her room with this yellow wallpaper that at first seems to irritate her but the longer she is there the more she is convinced of a woman in there, behind bars.

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We see, as we progress the through the three months that the story covers, a new mom unravel.

The wallpaper traps her. It symbolizes quite a few things, such as the confinement of the narrator, trapping her thoughts as she gains fascination in its paths, following them with her eyes.

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It traps her in a similar way to how her husband has trapped her there, in that house, in that room. The woman even starts to believe that there are bars that trap a woman, maybe more than one woman, behind it. That wallpaper also symbolizes how men confined woman as a “treatment” for depression. Like this woman, she was obviously suffering from post-partum depression, and her physician husband takes her away from her friends, family, home, and new baby, and practically locks her in this room with insane wallpaper. The woman needed a few months of Prozac and for her husband to give her some space instead.

The author does a great job of putting us there with the narrator woman. Getting really into this story, practically unraveling with her as she starts picking at the paper; which is exactly the point of this week’s lesson of suspension of disbelief.

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