A Review of The Effectiveness of School-Wide Anti-Bullying Programs on Teachers Efficacy in Dealing with Students Bullying Behavior

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This article is titled The Effectiveness of school-wide anti bullying programs on teachers’ efficacy in dealing with students’ bullying behavior. Shahram Vahedi, Eskandar Fathi Azar, and Fereshteh Golparvar are the three main authors. The article was published by the Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health in March 1st 2016. Bullying is a major phenomenon in all schools of all ages. Bullying affects the learning in the classroom as well as the behavior of the students’ in the class. If the teacher can’t manage the bullying, the more likely it is to continue.

This article completed a study to see the effectiveness of School-Wide Anti Bullying Programs and how it plays a roll on classroom behavior management strategies. The clinical trial consisted of all woman teachers in elementary schools in Ahar city. The population of the study contained 200 total teachers. Out of the 200, 40 teachers were selected by random which was the statistical group. The researcher sent a letter to the schools that these teachers were working out to introduce himself and explain the process.

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The teachers were given a Classroom Management Policies Questionnaire, it included 18 items that classroom management measures; advocate assertion, engaging parent’s evolvement, separating students, and advocate defense. The teachers were questioned on a 4-point scale; “1” || never use this strategy, “2”, l’ve used this a couple of times so far, “3”, sometimes I use this strategy, “4” this is the method I usually use. They were also given a 24 question questionnaire and it measured the three sub-scales of involving the learners, teaching methods, and classroom management.

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The pre-test and post-test were given to the control and experimental groups. At the pre-test stage, both of the groups responded to class behavior management strategies and self-efficacy of the teachers. Then, an intervention was held for the experimental group. The control group did not participate during the intervention. After the intervention, both the control and experimental group participated in the post-test. The article shows three tables of the results and scores of the groups. The final results show that when a teachers’ awareness of bullying increases along with their ability to handle the situation, their efficiency in classroom management increases as well.

The study leads to understand that based on management skills and self-efficacy, teachers’ strategies on separating and avoidance decreased when compared to the teachers that were trained. This study emphasizes the need for teachers’ and other school members to be trained in anti-bullying. In our book, chapter 10 about Managing Problem Behaviors, it states to isolate or remove the students which can correlate with The Classroom Management Policies Questionnaire the teachers took. Also, separating students from each other actually scored third out of five in the study. Our book also discusses to confer with a parent. This also can relate to the questionnaire the teachers were given and it scored second out of five in the study. The information can apply to an individuals teaching field because of course it is important to know one’s lesson plans and how to keep the children entertained, however, it is even more important to learn how to deal with bullying in the class and what steps one should take to make it go away the best they can. A personal experience I have had with bullying is when I was growing up, I was bullied bad. I do remember specifically this one time in 6th grade, my friend Kelsey and I were bullied by these two boys. She was bullied because she had braces and me because I had acne. It was a feud constantly between the four of us. Our teacher took every route possible to make it stop. She would give separate us from each other, make sure we didn’t sit at the same lunch table or play outside near each other.

Sometimes she would have Kelsey and I inside during recess to prevent more bullying. Our teacher never did get our parents involved, I could never understand why either. I just recall one day, the teacher definitely had enough. She brought all four of us into the hallways and talked, well loudly, at us for us to stop. After that confrontation, us four actually became very good friends. In conclusion, I believe that bullying is a phenomenon that will never go away. So the only thing teachers and staff can really do, is understand how to handle it when placed in the position. I feel that every school should get trained in how to deal with children like that but also in a way that can make it stop. Bullying will affect all the learning in the classroom if it isn’t corrected. Not to mention what it will do to the student who is getting verbally or physically abused.

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