A Report on the Issues Surrounding Spiritual Leadership

Good Leadership can come from many sources. A person’s experiences, abilities, or even just their personality can contribute to making them a good leader. The question of whether spirituality is the root of good leadership is a complex one. The basis of spiritual leadership is described by Richard Daft as “the display of values, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to intrinsically motivate one‘s self and others toward a sense of spiritual expression through calling and membership” (Daft, 2008). On the surface, it would be difficult to argue that spiritual leadership has any complications; who wouldn’t want a leader with values to encourage them? For one, the values that will motivate one follower might be different for another follower.

Another problem that could arise with this approach is that it is not suited for all leaders to be able to use effectivelyi Despite these issues, spiritual leadership has some universal strengths that make it a worthwhile approach. The biggest issue with the spiritual approach to leadership is that a people’s spirituality varies significantly from person to person.

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Although some values, like honesty and courage are more or less universal, other values like independence or forgiveness might be less important. This issue becomes more important when dealing with a diverse team, or especially a global team. Invariably, spirituality becomes associated with religion, which a diverse team will likely not agree on It is also possible that some members of a team could find a spiritual leader as pandering, or too involved in their personal matters.

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Another reason spiritual leadership is not always applicable has to do with the leaders themselves. Being a spiritual leader requires a person who is naturally empathetic and reassuring, which are not always traits required in a leadert A leader could simply be somebody‘s boss, but a spiritual leader has to be a boss and a friend, or perhaps a mentor. This unique relationship is not necessarily achievable by all leaders, or even most leaders, Since many leaders who cannot use spirituality to lead still manage to be effective leaders, it is not reasonable to claim that all good leadership is spiritual. Nevertheless, spiritual leadership, when applied in correct circumstances is a great way to inspire followers.

The spiritual leader is able to reduce negative feelings like anxiety, jealousy, and anger, thereby improving workplace morale. (Daft, 2008) Everyone wants to feel that their job is important, or has a greater purpose, so a leader who is able to convince their works of that fact is sure to be an effective one Spiritual values, when applied carefully, are a sure way help your followers feel better, improve productivity, and help the community In conclusion, spirituality is not always a valid means of leadership, but in the correct circumstances, it can be a great tool to inspire followers Values vary significantly from person to person and group to group, so the differences must be accounted for before deciding what values to lead a group with. Not all leaders have the intrinsic qualities that make a spiritual leader, such as personal attention and empathy However, the benefits of spiritual leadership outweigh the downfalls, making it a great choice for anyone who is up to the challenges involved.

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