A project of constructing the Greendale Baseball Stadium

The purpose of defining this project is to make the deliverables of the project clear to the client and to place more focus on project plans.

Project Objective

Firstly, the objective of this project is to construct the Greendale Baseball Stadium no later than the 20th of May and possibly to net as much as $2 million on the project.


Over the course of this project, key deliverables must be highlighted to organize the expected outputs that would eventually be produced.

In the case of the stadium construction, major deliverables would be phased into setting up the construction site in the early stage. After which, the next phase would include setting up the main structure of the stadium. The phase after that would include the installation of the 47,000 seats and modern luxury boxes as well as the stadium facilities. Simultaneously, the project moves on to building the retractable roof which is fully operational. In the final phase, the stadium would go through review and inspection.

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With the deliverables in place, milestones of the stadium construction will be highlighted to have an overview of the schedule of the major segments of work. Preparing the construction site (clear stadium site, demolish building, set up construction site) would take about 170 days in total and should be completed by March 1, 2012. Next, setting up of the main stadium structure (inclusive of driving support piling, pour lower concrete bowl and main concourse, installing playing field and constructing upper steel bowl), completing this milestone by March 11, 2013. Now for the most challenging part of the project which is to install in the retractable roof (building roof supports, constructing the, installing roof tracks and roof) would potentially be completed by February 19, 2014.

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At the same time, regarding the facilities of the stadium (installing seats, jumbotron, lights, building luxury boxes, stadium infrastructure, constructing steel canopy) would approximately be ready by February 26, 2014. Lastly, the inspection would take about 20 days and the project would end by March 26, 2014.

Technical Requirements

The roofing system shall be designed in accordance with current AISI and AISC specifications and specifications and specifically the Aluminum Design Manual. Design structure is to carry specified loads which is defined by appropriate jurisdictional building code standard.

Limits and Exclusions

Construction of Greendale Baseball Stadium would be done by G&E company and includes planning of the logistics, handling human resources, execution of the construction process and overseeing the whole project. but with certain exclusions. The construction of the stadium will hire subcontractors to facilitate in electrical, plumbing and mechanical needs for the stadium project. Also external parties would be employed to supply required materials that are unable to be sourced by the company.

Reviews with Customer

The review with customers would be done internally by G&E Company to ensure that the client would get what he wants.

Project Priorities

Priorities of the Greendale Baseball Stadium project can be defined and ranked using the priority matrix. This is a matrix that identifies 3 criteria and establishes them to be either constrained, enhanced or accepted. For this case, time is a major factor and it is enhanced because a penalty clause of $100,000 per day of delay beyond May 20, 2014, is written into the contract. With the strong optimism shown by the president of G&E Company, Ben Keith, to net $2 million from this project, for every day delayed, G&E Company loses a potential 5% profit. Hence, time is of utmost importance and would be optimized by taking advantages of opportunities and shorten the schedule. Next, performance of the project should be constrained. It is a fixed parameter as the baseball stadium with the retractable roof must meet the technical standards and requirements posed to them. Hence cost is accepted and tolerable not to meet the original parameters. It is permissible to go over budget for this project in order to ensure that time is enhanced and that performance sticks to the standards that must be enforced.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is formed by splitting the entire project into the major deliverables of Planning, Logistics, Human Resource, Financials and finally, Construction. Each major deliverable is then split into its subsequent sub-deliverables, to obtain a more detailed picture of the needs of each department as well as the resources. There is a maximum of 4 levels in this WBS, the lowest level being the work package in most cases. Since many of the work packages, especially under the Construction deliverable, exceed 10 days, G&E should establish check or monitoring points every 3-5 days to ensure the smooth running of the process and troubleshoot any problems quickly.

Critical path

Without giving a specific deadline, the early finish day of the last task is used as the late finish day of the last activity to calculate backward pass. Therefore the task whose early start time (or early finish time) is the same as its late start time (or late finish time) is the critical task. From Figure 2 below, the early start time of task 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 20 is the same as its late finish time, therefore, all of them are critical tasks. The critical path is 2, 5, 6, 7(or 9), 10, 14, 15, 20, which is presented in the red bar in Figure 2.


This project is able to be completed by May 20th 2014. According to the Gannt chart, the project would be finished on March 26th 2014 (after taking into account all the holidays during the project period), which is nearly two month earlier than the deadline. In this project, total duration can be calculated by adding up the duration time of all critical tasks, however, task 7 and task 9 are parallel activities with the same duration, therefore, only the duration of task 7 (or task 9) is needed to add to total project duration. In conclusion, this project will take 695 days, which is shown below: Task

Whether to pursue this contract

Based on the schedule, we would recommend that G&E pursue this project. Since the project is scheduled to be finished two months earlier than May 20th, which is the start date of penalty, the company would be able to guarantee completion without resulting in any penalty costs. Also, besides critical tasks (highlighted in Figure 1) and the activities related to roof construction, other tasks have a total slack of more than 100 days, so G&E has more flexibility in arranging these tasks to guarantee the on-time completion of critical tasks.

It is quite possible for G&E to finish this project on time. One drawback is that the roof construction gives G&E some challenges in terms of technology. However, the tasks related to roof construction (task 16, 17,18, 19) do not have much slack. Overall, when considering the high return of this project in terms of profit and reputation coupled with the high possibility of finishing this project on time, we recommend G&E to pursue this contract. The company should pay high attention to the management of roof construction to ensure smooth operations.

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