A Literary Analysis of the Importance of Empowerment in Charlotte Temple

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Awomen‘s passion has the power to either empower her or it can limit them in their lifetime Now when the word passion is put into context it is referring to a women’s sense of sexual attractions, behavior or emotioni In the book “Charlotte Temple” many women show a sense empowerment because of the behavior they show towards one another and the sexual attraction that men have towards them; however, when passion is used in the sense of emotion it has been seen to limit what a women is able to complete, Charlotte Temple’s passion empowers her in one way because of the way men are sexually drawn to her, It says “Charlotte has made too great an impression on his mind to be easily eradicated”.

’ The trait that she shows in this instant is the sexual power that she holds over men, Men were sexually drawn to Charlotte as if she had put a spell on them The next passage in the book says Mr.

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Montraville (her main suitor) needed to form a plan to see her again because of the affections he had for her and because he did not want to leave her prey to a thousand inquietudes. The way that Mr, Montraville lusted over Charlotte gave her a great power. Without her beauty no man would have pursued her at great lengths.2Also trying to convince Charlotte to come to the Americas was a factor in showing the power that she held over Mrt Montraville.

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He would not leave until he knew she would be by his side. Also in this book another example of women‘s empowerment relates to one’s behavior. Charlotte temples teacher single handedly convinced Charlotte to read a letter from Mri Montraville even though she says she cannot Charlotte said “i am afraid I ought not to read the letter“.’After her teacher told her that she was an unaccountable girl and have she no curiosity in reading the letter form a man with such a good hand, Charlotte finally agreed to read the letter.

She says “Tis well enough “and she takes the letter and after a little more persuasion she opens the letter and reads it,4 The behavior that Charlottes teacher shows is a very forceful and she will not take no for an answer, because of this Charlotte is forced to do what the teacher wants. However one example where ones passion is limited is in the case of Charlotte’s emotion toward her mother. Charlotte wishes to please her mother which is why she refused to read the letter. Charlotte believed she would disappoint her mother in reading the letter from Mri Montville, Charlotte says “My mother has often told me I should never read a letter given me by a young man’i3 Charlotte’s emotions get in the way of doing something that she wants to but cannot because of her mother. Another example is when it comes time for Charlotte to leave for America. Charlotte feared the anger that her mother would have towards her in leaving and because of this she almost stayed in England Charlotte said that the very idea of incurring her displeasure, gave her the greatest of uneasiness“ Charlotte let her emotions infringe on what she wanted which limited any power she had concerning her mother, In conclusions the empowerment that women possessed came from the behavior they showed over one another and also the sexual attraction that men had for these women, However when it came for women’s power to be limited it was mostly seen in the emotions that they detailed. Without such traits these women may have not had any power or in some cases they would have possessed an abundant amount because characteristics like emotion would not have held them back.

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