A Hobby - Recreation Of Our Pastime

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Something we do in our leisure moments is called a hobby. The people who keep a hobby, have pleasant occupation of leisure moment. Our hobby gives us a lot. We can adopt our hobby as our profession. Our hobby keeps us busy all time long. Our hobby shows us our interest. Each one must have a hobby. В В В В В В В There are many kinds of hobby because everyone likes to do something in his or her free time. Some people like painting, some like dancing, some like singing, while some people like playing.

According to their hobby people can become renowned painter, dancer, singer or player. One must acquire any useful hobby to get an eminent profession.

My hobby is very useful. My hobby is reading. I know very well that reading makes a full man and also a man who develops the hobby of reading books is always happy because books are the source of enjoyment, inspiration and instruction. In the company of books nobody feels lonely.

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This is a possession more precious than gold.

According to Ruskin bond books are the King’s Treasures. Treasures filled not with gold and silver but with knowledge, noble thoughts and ideas. I also know that, Good books are like our best friends. We can say that those who do not have the hobby of book reading are really poor, because they possess only the worldly wealth but not the wealth of knowledge. However, it is important that one should acquire the hobby of reading books at a young age.

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My hobby gives me a lot of knowledge. My hobby keeps me busy always. Because of my hobby I always have pleasant occupation of leisure moments. My aim is to become a successful professor, so I am rearing my hobby of book reading. I am assured that my hobby is very helpful to fulfill my aim.

There are many people who have real talent in different areas, and yet never accomplish anything, because they not only preserve, but kill their hobbies, in this way good and useful things are lost. We can say that a man’s hobby never goes waste, but it should be directed in the appropriate direction. Sometimes a great deal of talent is lost in the world for the lack of bringing up the hobby. It is also important that one must recognize his hobby at his young age.

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A Hobby - Recreation Of Our Pastime

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