A Child of Sorrow

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It is such an extremely fantastic love story that tickles your bones and tells you that it is a good sensation to be in love. Though, its title recommends its awful ending, but still I on my part like the simple yet sophisticated story crafted in this novel by Zoilo Galang. Considering the truth that this is the very first Filipino novel written in English, it does the same that it lacks elegance. The characterization, plot and setting of the stated novel are simple.

Nevertheless, behind this simplicity, it is still a good shot and a nice start for the future of books being the youngest literary category in the Philippines. The story is very well sequenced. It refrains the use of flashbacks as possible in order to avoid baffling the minds of the readers. Therefore, someplace in the part of the novel, we could in some way speculate and forecast the circulation of occasions, which is very typical to a Filipino author.

Each chapter has its own style developed and unified in one idea.

With regards to characterization, Galang made it by having memorable characters as Rosa and Julio. They are very ordinary characters but their love story is unique. I could somehow identify myself with Julio. Like him, I am living in illusion with reading too many books. Sometimes I detached from reality as I try to imagine things which are very fiction in nature. The story of the novel revolves around love as its theme. Love is such a very powerful feeling that could not be prevented by anything else.

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But inasmuch as love is a feeling, it also demands sacrifice. True love is tested by trials that come along in a relationship. It may come in the form of a third part, rumors and etc.

Our cherished lovers in the novel also encountered such things. It is also stressed that inspiration brings change. When we are inspired brought about by being in love, we could have the zest to do things better and could change for the best that we can be. Failures in life must not be considered curses. Failures are sometimes blessings in disguise. If we only have the proper attitude towards life, thus counting the trials that come along our way as another challenge for us to grow, then life is worth living. The novel teaches us a lot of things. It teaches us the reality in life that we fall in love even in an unexpected time. Love buds everywhere and no one is exempted to fall in love. As long as we live, it is inevitable for us to fall in love.

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