A Case Studies Of Apple Inc. And U2 Controversy in Public Relations Eyes

American manufacturer of personal computers, computer peripherals, and computer software. It was the first successful personal computer company and the popularizer of the graphical user interface. Headquarters are located in Cupertino, California.U2, Irish postpunk band that by the end of the 1980s had established itself not only as one of the world’s most popular bands but also as one of its most innovative. The members are singer Bono, guitarist and keyboardist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr.

You Tube’s new album “Songs of Innocent” it’s going out for free to a half a billion people.

In September 9th 2014 due to an Apple team bet for the world’s largest album release ever but was the world ready for it the album “Songs of Innocence” with automatically put in 500 million Apple and iTunes users’ desktops and iPhones without permission. Rachel Antimatter said that, “Apple forcibly put a new U2 album into my iTunes library”? Tristan Denyer told that, “A little odd that iTunes automatically adds the new free U2 album to my recent purchases.

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And by ‘odd’ I mean no thanks”. Chris Barton also said that, “I’m confused, by definition is iTunes or the U2 record classified as malware”? Garrick Willhite also told that, “I wish I could use my U2 iTunes credit on music I wanted.” Andy Burgess added that, “Also apple no I don’t want the new U2 album take it out of my iTunes” on their twitter account.This led to a giant backlash from both Apple and U2 let’s take a look at how the crisis unfolded.

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I will approach you two in early August 2014 and 100 million dollar contract to enter into a joint promotion for the band’s new album in the iPhone 6. Shortly after the promotional plan unfurled resulting in a less than positive response regarding as act of generosity social media sentiment dropped 41% at three days after the release. Apple launched an application allowing users to delete the album SH shows users had until October 13th to redownload the album for free. Who would have to purchase it after that you too took most the heat but the band did come out with an apology and months later. “I am sorry about that.” Later he apologized but do you think he really meant it so how did this play out with the public. This PR process is best describe by the two-way ‘Asymmetrical Model’.

Apple and you too focused on achieving short-term attitude change with the delete application but were primarily interested in having its public come around to their thinking rather than changing the way you too. Apple interacted with their publics though the release may have harmed you too and apples relationship with their publics. Apple increase sales and U2 increase awareness of their new album and their band just six days after its release! On iTunes a record-breaking 33 million people had already listened to it digitally this release resulted in an increase from 14 million YouTube downloads to 81 million songs of innocent downloads. A 2015 study found that 23% of music listeners played at least one song by YouTube or than any other artists for that month. The study also found that if those you choose music 95% of them accessed at least one track from Song of Innocent a notable musician Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters had a few words to say on how the marketing tactic affected the band’s relationship with their publics. I think the misstep was the wording if it have been here it is if you want it come grab it let’s see how appalling youtube could have created their launch. They got the word out and made their users happy at the same time. So, just follow the steps:

  1. Promote the campaign prior to the release.
  2. Let users know about the free music download.
  3. Give users an opt-out option or let users download the music on their own.
  4. Conduct an environmental scan following the release and react quickly to the response received.
  5. Operate as an open system to easily adapt to the constantly changing environment of music and technology.

Apple learned an important, yet expensive, lesson that all brands should pay attention to.It boils down to this: regardless of how pure and innocent intentions are, no potential customer wants to be told what to do, be forced into an action that is not of their choosing, or to feel as though their privacy is being invaded.While it may be tempting to take action in the way Apple did, there are other options that allow customers to feel as though they’re part of the process or have a choice. Check out a few positive, less-intrusive option below.

  1. Offer an incentive. The free U2 album wasn’t the problem; customers took issue with the fact that it was automatically added to their file libraries. This is an important lesson. When there’s a new product, an upgrade, or other new feature, inform customers and leave the action to them. Make the new upgrade an incentive, rather than an automatic download. Allow your target market to take part in the process.
  2. Provide information before action. If Apple’s announcement had come before the actual release, along with upfront instruction on how to avoid the upload, result may have been different.
  3. Don’t use fanfare to cover up mediocrity. If your announcement isn’t deserving of a massive event, celebrity appearance, and months of suspense, don’t make it such. Instead, be transparent. Announce your product, be clear on what make it unique. It all comes down to this: Customers don’t want to feel as though they’ve lost their voice.Apple learned this the hard way; you don’t have to. Listen to your customers and look for ways to empower them, your brand will grow as a result.
Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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