“You’re Not Born a Lemon It's in Your Head.”

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We are all born and raised in certain ways and brought up to believe certain things under a plethora of circumstances and scenarios. It's purely reasonable to believe whatever you or told or “trained” as we grow and learn in our lives. We are impacted the most by whom we are raised by in our lives. When we grow up and learn the highways of life, we learn to drive those highways. We realistically achieve this by learning from our instructors and developing increased skills as we experience various driving conditions.

This example correlates to parents or guardians of children. The innocence and naiveness of a developing child's mind as it grows and develops is profoundly influenced by who is advising them how to exercise it.

Life is a wild ride sometimes. Things happen out of our control and some more than others; however, I believe it's how we are taught to respond to what makes a difference ultimately. Take a lemon car for a prime example; a lemon car is typically a car that contains defects and flaws that it can't indeed serve its purpose.

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With this as an example, many individuals are under the impression that they have defects affecting their value or utility because of what they believe. In life, we all serve a purpose of some sort and have value no matter what anyone says. We can change, grow and thrive from whom we think we are and who we believe we are supposed to be.

We uniquely represent all products of whom we want to, and it starts in your head.

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We are complete when we feel valuable, loved and felt we have a purpose. Unluckily, some are raised being told that they are none of these things and treated a lemon or a black sheep. We are not born a confounded nuisance and not taken as a lemon. Our parents represent the ones who maintain the responsibility to define us. Parents are unperfect, commonly fail to demonstrate or admit that fact merely. Parents' duties are to show help and prepare their children for their adult lives. Parents are supposed to demonstrate many skills. To name a few ordinary tasks, personal responsibility, accountability, how to express themselves and set foundations for them to become strong assets to society.

Beloved children look up to their parents as leaders role models and influences of whom they genuinely think they are. All too frequently parents abuse their children and place misleading information into their precious developing minds. When this happens, it establishes impacting possibilities in ultimate indoctrinating them in some cases that they are indeed a lemon. If a parent on a frequent basis is telling and instructing a child that they are not valuable and merely managing them as malfunctioned in some way, then they will believe they represent a lemon. Under these unfortunate circumstances, they are inevitably generating a destructive pattern of making the kiddo falsely think that they are defected.

This tactic would affect the being that they are and whom they are growing to become. This emotional type of mindset happens typically because of many negative things. It is merely possible it's just a troubled parent, a mental illness, or they were treated the same way. It is sad that these parents are performing these things and don't even realize the extensive damage they are recklessly causing. When neglectful parents feed their child severe emotional thoughts, it will cause them to believe inappropriate things about themselves. Emotional abuse such as this can potentially be paralyzing to the child. As the innocent child grows, this is whom they inadvertently become to think who they are as adults aka thinking that they a lemon but are wonderfully fine.

Children brought up this way will believe these things because they are internalizing this information throughout their lives. However at the end o the days, it's in their heads, not anything else. Parents carry out a significant role in producing cutting people by the way they are being raised. We are whom we believe we are. Many people grow up thinking they represent things that can be toxic for their well being. Living in this sadness is unfair, and there is no reason in justifying these occurrences or the feeling that you are holding onto if they are bad for you.

It's my opinion that learning from these lessons in life is only something that we realize once we begin to gain more knowledge as we go along our journey. I do think that when some people have in their heads that they are not good , or worthy enough for things they need to reform what's going on in their mind to make that adjustment happen in their life. Its okay as we get more skilled to occupy lives that others don't have to understand as long as we are satisfied and content with who we are, that's all that matters. We are not lemons we are all unique and beautiful. Throughout our lives, we will take part in a million battles and still survive and stand tall.

We will be betrayed, backstabbed, laugh, be fearless, joyful, abandoned, scared love, and live with passion. It's not about what others think is a functional and appropriate way or how we were raised. It's ultimately up to us at the end of the day how we want to perceive ourselves and how we want others to view us. Throughout our lives, we will always be put in positions that we didn't apply for, but in reality, we don't have to take the job. It's our choice to generate the energy that you need to for yourself. Accusing your parents is something that doesn't matter anymore when you're old enough to decide. Just because your past is apart of you-you don't have to be stuck in the past.

Repeating past behaviors, I think this often happens because we have been so comfortable doing so. We get comfortable and settle eventually and have used these patterns whether they were worthy for us or not. We execute this because it's familiar and humans are creatures of habit. We are not stuck being anyone we don't want to be. The wondrous power that we all have individual and unique is that nobody is you and nobody is exactly alike. We are all designed differently, and that's the beauty of who you are. Being unique is the mightiest power that you withhold. You are not a lemon you have to learn how to step into the person that you want to be by understanding that your mind masters your life.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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