You are not going to use another computer to cause harm others

1)You are not going to use another computer to cause harm others around. Don't use the desktop in different ways that can still cause damage to others.While using a desktop computer to damage another user is morally reprehensible. It isn't just severe injury. It includes potentially damaging or corrupting information or otherwise documents from many other new users.The ten commandments provinces using a desktop to try to steal private information from others is incorrect. It is ethically wrong to manipulate or destroy files from other users.

Writing programs that lead to the theft, copying or trying to gain unauthorized access to information from other users on execution is morally wrong. Being involved in practices like hacking, spamming, phishing or cyber bullying does not conform to computer ethics.2) You are just not interfering with the administrative work of other people.Never use computing technology to interfere with the work of other customers. Computer programs can also be used to disrupt or try to disrupt other customers ' work.

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For instance, viruses are systems intended to harm helpful software programs or try to interfere with a laptop's normal operation. Malicious code really can interfere with computer functioning in more than one way. By excessive consumption of system resources, it can overload data storage, slow its proper functioning. It can actually cause a computer to work incorrectly or even to stop functioning. It's morally wrong to use security software to try to attack a personal computer.3) You won't snoop around inside the computer files of many other people:Just do not spy on computer data from another person.

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So we also know exactly that reading personal messages from someone is incorrect. On the very same lines of thought, reading emails and text messages or folders from someone else is incorrect. Trying to obtain data from the private data of that other person is nothing other than trying to break into the room of anyone. The invasion of his privacy is to spy around in the folders of an other person or otherwise try to read the personal messages of someone else. Exceptions to this exist. For example in this case, when it is done against illegitimate use of other computer systems, snooping is actually necessary and can never be called morally wrong. For example, intel agencies going to work on cases of cyber crime need to spy on suspects ' Web activity.4) You are not going to just use a computer to pilfer:To gain information, don't use computing technology. Pilfering confidential data or trickling it is as nice as theft. It is actually wrong to obtain worker personal details from an worker central database or patient history from a local hospital database or any other such confidential information. Likewise, it is actually wrong to break into a bank account to start collecting account or otherwise account holder data. Unlawful transfer of funds by digital means is a form of fraud. Pilfering data is so much easier with use of technology. It is possible to use computer systems to store stolen data.5) You won't use a desktop computer to give false testimonyDue to the Internet, data spread has already become viral today actually. It also simply means that through social media networks or e- mails false information or rumors can spread fast. It is ethically wrong to participate in the general circulation of false information. Emails and pop - ups are commonly used for the sole purpose of collecting consumer products to simply spread the incorrect information or give the wrong warnings. Emails from untrusted sources that advertise that certain consumer products or distribute information that is difficult to believe are also not exactly uncommon. It is unethical to engage directly or indirectly in the wide circulation of wrong information. Misinformation can actually hurt many other parties or institutions directly affected by that specific theme. Q2: Moral virtue morality names a sort of moral general theory that actually takes personality virtues as one of the most basic moral basic concepts, instead of actions or laws. Moral virtues like sincerity, bravery, personal integrity, temperance, or graciousness are also deemed the first to be fundamentally good. Moral virtue morality is a ethical theory that highlights the primary role of the personality and otherwise virtues of an person in assessing the correctness of behavior. That's one of three major global scientific theories of morality. It's sometimes contrasts sharply with such as ethical relativism, which also demonstrates moral laws and otherwise consequentialism, which defines it from its potential consequences the permissibility of an action. Moral virtue morality gives a right or wrong account based as to what a ' virtuous agent ' is going to be doing. It thinks that and therefore if it's what a virtuous agent will do in the conditions, an action is correct. Just what the virtuous person actually will do is the correct thing to be doing. The virtuous agent is also a person who has virtues in his personality traits and has no vices. Virtues also are character traits of character that are valued positively in a guy. Put simply, they were said to include all the traits eg candor, compassion, and otherwise kindness. Vices, while on the other hand actually, are negative personality traits. This may include that such personality traits as intellectual dishonesty, cruelty and selfishness. An ideal to emulate is the moral person. A virtuous person actually, for instance, is somebody who is kind throughout a lifetime in many other types of situations because this is their main character do it because they want to greatly increase usefulness or actually gain special favors or otherwise simply do their obligation. Unlike with theories of deontology and consequentialism, virtue morality theories are not aimed primarily at identifying principles that can still be applied directly in any moral situation. And otherwise theories of morality ethics address broader issues”"How should I live? "Or what happy life is this?" What are the proper full moral values of the extended family and also of modern society?An other instance: their superior officers see many an staff member displaying moral behavior at jobs based on the virtues they hold most dear as more reliable and reliable. Although this behavior was to be expected on the career, to see examples of one at work could still start making their coworkers stand from an staff member.Utilitarianism is an based on ethics theory that, by trying to focus on results, takes into account difference between right and wrong. That's a form of consistency. Utilitarianism holds that for the highest number, a most moral choice will be the one to produce the great good. It's the only moral framework which can be used to justify war or military force. It's the most common way for use in business to moral thinking because of how it accounts for benefits and costs. Utilitarianism has many difficulties in taking into account values eg equality and personal rights. Assume, for instance, that a medical facility has four people who simply rely heavily on having received organ transplants: a heart, lungs, kidney, and liver. When a healthy individual wanders into the hospital, at the cost of one life, his organs can be harvested that will save four lives. It would yield the greater good to the highest number, arguably. But very few, let alone most moral, would consider it an suitable action to take. Illustration for the theory of utility:

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