Expanding Manufacturing Capacity: The Woody Project.

Executive Summary “The Woody Project” is to expand the production floor of The Custom Woodworking Company by 25% with a budget of $17 million within an 18 month timeframe wherein a semi-automatic production train will be designed and implemented along with other amities to increase production at the quality expected by the stakeholders and their cliental. Background The Custom Woodworking Company established in 1954 produces custom furniture and cabinets to order out of Industrial Estates, Someplace, BC.

The Custom Woodworking Company’s plan is for the expansion of is production floor by 25% with a maximum budget of million.

Objective The main object of this project is to expand the production capacity to the equivalent of 25% of the exiting floor area. This time would also include additional compressor capacity, production train, new software/ hardware to run semi-automatic train, dust-free paint, air-conditioning units, and the finishing of the shop. Detailed Statement

To meet the objective above the team must design, build, install, and test/ start-up new equipment along with the building and installation and a production floor and amenities required by stakeholders.

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Duration and Cost The duration of this project to meet all objectives through the phases described in SOW is to not exceed 18 months starting from project start to equipment running on production floor at a cost of no more that $17 million not including the renovation of offices. Appendices

Resources will be pulled from within the company for lead positions as their knowledge is sought after. The designing of the semi-automatic train with be contracted out to an engineering firm for installation and new equipment.

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Construction with be sub-contracted out to local contractors for installation to specification from the engineering firm. Materials and equipment with be according to the production capacity specified in the SOW and detailed design phase. The project management team will follow the roject management phases according to PMBOK (2008).


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Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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