Why is Conflict Important?

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The most frequently asked question that no one knows the answer to. Well, conflict is a big part of the story and it makes the story interesting. Without conflict, the story seems plain and there’s no flare to get people to want to read it or enjoy it. Some authors use man against himself, man against nature, man against society, and man against man. However, man vs. nature is the main conflict in the story “The Most Dangerous Game”. Also next, the secondary conflict is Man vs.

Man. Conflicts make the story much more interesting where you want to keep reading. First, Man v. Nature is common in most stories.

Man vs. Nature is when nature makes something harder for the main character. An example of Man vs. Nature is when someone struggles to stay above the ocean tides or the waves. For example in “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford fights against the waves from the yacht to stay above the water but has to go to the island for his safety.

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Also, another example is when Rainsford kills one of General Zaroff’s dogs to save his own life for his good. In this case, it was a matter of life or death for him so he had to kill the dog for his safety.

Another example of Man vs. Nature is when Rainsford was being “splashed in the face by the yacht and struggling to stay above water”. Rainsford was fighting with the ocean currents just to stay above the water and not drown.

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He tried not to drown and he had to swim back to shore for the safety of himself and to not drown. Like when people are swimming with the currents of a boat against their face in a lake it’s hard to keep up and not drown. The next important conflict is Man vs. Man.

In” The Most Dangerous Game”, another example of conflict is Man vs. Man. Which is when one person goes against another person in an argument, fight, etc. Some examples of this are girl vs. boy, boy vs. boy, girl vs. girl, two boys and one girl, etc. But the point is that two or more people get in an argument or fight. An example of this is when Rainsford goes up to a house and the security guard, Ivan was going to kill him. But, Rainsford was begging him to not kill him by saying “I fell off a yacht, I’m hungry”.

In Man vs Man, I can connect fairly easily because I can relate to it. So an example of it could be if two people start arguing. It could also be them fighting by punching each other which I have experienced because I walked right by someone in a fight. This happens when one person gets mad at another person and they go against each other and start fighting. Which many of us have probably seen before at school.

Lastly, conflict is a very important part of a story because it makes readers engaged and want to read more and more to where they don’t want to put the book or story down. Conflict is when two people go against each other and start a fight or argue. The two main conflicts in the story “The Most Dangerous Game” are Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Man. The story “The Most Dangerous Game” has a conflict which is an example of Man vs. Man, it is when two people of either gender go against each other in an argument. The detailed conflict is a big part of the story because it allows people to be able to connect to what you are talking about.

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