Why Healthcare Should Be Free; Health Insurance

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Being in the United States, we are promised a free life, and safety, but we are not promised to be covered in healthcare or insurance. The United States has a very big problem with poverty and suffrage in the financial aspects. There are many people that do not struggle and are very financially stable and do not have to worry about not having healthcare, or insurance, although there are a lot of men and women in the United States, and also the world that fear their own health, or their children.

I believe that healthcare should be free  to all people, and there shouldn't just be a selected few that get the coverage of medication, or medical treatment, we should all be able to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about if we are going to be healthy or not.

The Fear of Lack of Healthcare as Reason for It to Be Free

Many people have a fear of waking up in the morning knowing that have no healthcare insurance, and fear how they will be medically attended to if or when needed.

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Mothers and Fathers all over the world never want to leave their children untreated due to their financial stability and no healthcare insurance. There are too many children and adults that die due to no medical attention, there are too many children and adults that go hungry, or cold in the winters due to this problem. The poverty that we struggle from as a country or a united whole, is unbearable to watch.

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In 2017, the poverty rate in the United States was twelve point three percent, which would be about thirty-nine point seven million Americans out of three hundred twenty-seven point seven million. The supplemental poverty rate although has a percent of thirteen point nine percent. Eighteen point five million Americans reported that they were in poverty, which would mean fifty percent of their income is below their house threshold. The highest poverty rate has ever gotten to was in 1959 at a percent of twenty-two point four, and the lowest it has ever been was in 1973 at a percent of eleven point one These millions of people who struggle in poverty wake up everyday in fear and worried about how they will provide for themselves and their families. (“What is the current poverty rate in the United States?” pg. 1-3)

The Issue of Americans With No Healthcare Insurance

There are forty-four million Americans do not have health insurance, which is more people than the percent of people who reported they are in poverty. Another thirty-eight million Americans have inadequate insurance, this is one third of all Americans in the United States. The ages that have the most uninsured, were nineteen to sixty-four year olds at eighty-four point six percent. One in four twenty-six to thirty-four year olds are uninsured, and one in five ages, thirty-four to forty-four are uninsured. Although there are five point five percent of the uninsured that are children under the age of nineteen. (Berchick, Edward pg. 3)) All of these Americans cannot seek out for medical help or get the right medications they need, which i believe is very sad. There are approximately forty-four thousand, seven hundred eighty-nine deaths in the United States annually due to lack of health insurance and lack of needed medical attention. Many of these people died of untreated kidney disease, heart disease and other diseases that cannot go untreated. Oddly enough, the percent of male deaths of the uninsured have a thirty-seven percent increase than women. Children that are hospitalized without insurance have a sixty percent higher chance of death than children that are insured, one thousand children each year die in the hospital because they are untreated or do not get the correct medical treatment (Cecere, David, pg. 1-6))

For instance, if someone were to walk into an emergency room, with no insurance, the hospital can reject you and refuse to treat you, just because of this. “America's healthcare system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system” (Walker Cronkite, pg. 1). Walker Cronkites quote was simple, yet right. The healthcare system that we have developed this day in age, is not healthy, caring, or even a system at all. The people in America should have the security and medical attention that they need, when they need it. I understand that medical supplies, hospitals, businesses, employers, medicines, and a lot more need funding to run, and this is how they are funded. Although, that is what our taxes are put toward, therefore there is money going into all of these things listed. There are many people who cannot afford to even pay their taxes, let alone health insurance. My family struggles financially, and has for almost four years, it's almost to the point of bankruptcy, and that is scary. We have health insurance but it is a hassle for my parents to provide for their three kids and themselves, going off one paycheck that is barely enough to bring food to the table. Bills, taxes, payments, are all things we have to pay but we shouldn't have to pay to stay healthy. A lot of people do not get sick on purpose, or want to get a diagnosis, that's the last thing anyone wants, and they do not bring these illnesses onto themselves. The united states healthcare prices are so high, and for that price we have shorter life expectations, unhealthy children, sick mothers and fathers, and ill american veterans. The united states has plenty of money to provide free or universal healthcare, but they decide not to. We use the money on things that are less important, and look past the ill. Countries that have free and/or universal healthcare have healthier people, and happier people. The healthcare system in countries like this, they are a well-built up system, thought through, and a system that cares for the people in their country. Universal healthcare is a healthcare that provides medical care to ninety percent of people with no post, and is paid by the citizens of that country, although you have to be a resident in that country. Universal healthcare is not provided in the united states, but why? Why wouldn't the United States government want their people healthy, when they can provide it to them. The prices every year for health insurance is outrageous, yet we still have 28.5 billion people left helpless, and in fear because they have no insurance. Free health insurance is self-explanatory, it is when all citizens receive free medical attention that they need with absolutely no cost or has a small fee (Internal Insurance, 1-3.)


Therefore, all healthcare insurance should be free, or universal for the greater good. Having no healthcare is beyond dangerous and no human should have to worry about their health, or their children's health. Everyone should be able to go to the doctors and get medical attention when they need it, rather than be left untreated. The death rate of people who are sick, and are left untreated, would drastically decrease. There is a big problem in America and the world with no health insurance, and there is a solution, but yet has been acted upon. The situation cannot be looked over any longer and needs to be attended to. If we are promised a good, and protected life here in America, then we deserve to be sure to stay healthy. We would be a healthier country as a whole with a better healthcare solution.


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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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