Why Do People Study History History?

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History is a high school requirement, which every student must take in order to graduate. Taking a history class is a window into the past, a way to understand the past, present, and future. There are many reasons why people study history, not just to graduate. Those who like history may take it because they experience various types of people and societies also how we came about, moral understanding that provides personal individuality, also to understand history and the world of work.

“History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and society, and because it harbors beauty.” (Stearns, 2008)

History Helps Understand Many Different People and Societies and How We Came To Be

History is a great way to explore how many people and societies interacted within their time. Many historians have given all of their efforts to find patterns in history using many documents and artifacts left by many people from different times and different places (Hanover College, 2007). Social Scientists examine many different ideas and data, in order to develop explanation of many of the items left behind from the past (Radford University).

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Many historians put in many hard efforts to create theories about human behavior and interaction in their environment (Stearns, 2008). Once learning about different people and societies, it could help to see how they came to be.

Understanding history can help one by knowing where they are from and how they got where they are today. In order to understand the present and the mechanism, it is essential to know about the past and comprehend it.

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Many Americans wonder why the United States is in recession right now, what they don’t know why things happen; if they look at previous events, there might be clues from the past that could come up in the future, so people are more prepared for them (Stearns, 2008). Studying history is a great insight into human nature and civilizations by learning about human accomplishments, failures, cruelty, and barbarity (Hanover College, 2007). After understanding how we came to be, we as a society needs to have moral understanding, in which provides identity in our lives.

Moral Understanding, and Provides Identity in Our Lives

Understanding many individuals and their situations from the past helps one understand their own morals of the present and future. Many stories of different types of people and situations from the past, allows each student to develop their own morals; also to compare it to the difficulties that they will go through (Stearns, 2008). History shows not only students but many people, about many of the great heroes throughout time; also ordinary people who have a moral to their life story. After understanding, morals of people in the past and understanding their own, history can provide identity in our lives.

Providing identity in our lives and others, it helps also to understand different cultures and nations in present day. Studying history like many social scientists may reveal evidence of a person’s genealogy. Many people use historical recourses to find and form their identity, and find their ethnicity. Being aware of the various types of cultures, could help the process of gaining facts from the past.

History and the Importance of the World at Work

Topic sentence here – mention point three and topic, which will ensure you have a transition. Body text with examples, facts, figures, and source material here about point three. Summary sentence here – put the point to “bed,” mention the point and the topic, lead into the next point if you want to, and include a transition word in the sentence.


Begin with a thesis restated (the original thesis rephrased into different words). Afterwards, the conclusion should contain no new information (a brief summary is an option). End with a creative sentence which ties into the paper’s creative title. “There is another reason to study history: it’s fun. History combines the excitement of exploration and discovery with the sense of reward born of successfully confronting and making sense of complex and challenging problems” (Hanover College, 2007).

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Why Do People Study History History?
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