Why Did I Get Married Essay

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Why Did I Get Married

The movie was a great comedy and drama. I really enjoyed it even though one of the characters was a little bit over board. Overall it was a great film. This is one of Tyler Perry best film yet. I don’t see too many films where African Americans hold professional jobs. The film portrayed real life situations. Why did I get married, was first a play then made into a film in 2007, written and directed by Tyler Perry, who is also a starring character in the film alone with Tasha Smith, Sharon Leal and Michael White.

The film is about four married couples who are also friends that take a week vacation every year and asked themselves, “Why did I get married? ” All four relationships are strained. The film talks about relationships, marriage and the concept of expecting perfection versus the reality of everyday life weighing in on relationships. The films shows us one couple who having problems because the wife too busy to take care of her family because she is always working.

At some point everyone asks ‘‘Why did I get married”? Why did I get married explores some of the problems of modern marriages. It is common for marriages to end up in a divorce. In the film it showed us how to work through our problems emotionally and mentally through hard times instead of giving up. I believe most marriages or even relationships would be able to relate to the film. ‘‘In marriage you give up the I’s for us” as Tyler Perry tells his wife in the film.

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