Who Do I Want to Become a Psychologist?

So, I want a PhD in neurocognitive or cognitive psychology because:

1) I was made to be a psychologist.

I may not be as articulate as I want to be here… but here it goes–

As a preteen, for all my science fair projects leaned in the direction of psychology (one year I remember trying to test my classmates’ mood at different times during the year to examine the mood- weather relationship). The first time I seriously became interested in neuroscience/psychology I was 20 years old or so– my cousin had just committed suicide at the time and I was looking for answers (especially because I had been having suicidal thoughts for a couple of years before his death…which is scary because I wasn’t even 21 yet).

It was easier for me to accept the fact that he was ill if I had physical “proof” that his brain (and mine) was different. I also grew up with a schizophrenic aunt. She used to tell me that there were people who were talking to her and that her thoughts were being recorded… I always wanted to know what she saw.

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This was about the age when I started feeling guilty for how I had treated her when I was younger (at this point I may have been a bit older … like 25).

I also have another bipolar aunt, who, at the time, kept trying to kill herself every few months (actually when I was around 13, she once told my mom she wanted to speak with me, and then told me that she was going to kill herself… yeah, it’s messed up).

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All this combined with my own manic and depressive episodes I frequently questioned reality when I was my normal self. The fact that physical changes in the brain could create these differences in the intangible…I believed that I could have all the answers to my questions about my reality, and my illness if I could understand the brain

This lead me to…

2) As a result of experiences during my early adult years I gradually became an spiritual and not claiming a religion, but my first research methods/experimental psychology class was a religious experience. That sounds over the top, but research is the only means by which I can answer the questions I have about my mental life: psychology is my religion. Training to become a better researcher helps me make sense of my meaningless world. So, I want a PhD to become a better researcher.

3) I enjoy debating and creating experimental designs to answer the many, many questions I have about different aspects of human cognition…and I tend to find questions everywhere. I have been known to spend weeks on literature reviews based on something I disagreed with in a random NYT article and then create hypothetical designs based on what I’ve found. I already do it for free– I think it’s high time I get paid for it. A PhD program will pay me for it. I also want the ability to turn my hypothetical designs into actual research… I can’t do that without the independence a TT job will get me or the training I will receive as a doctoral student and a post-doc fellow.

That’s why I want a PhD in psychology. I have a passion for research in psychology and would have little credibility without a PhD. I will not be able to secure the grant money I may want for what ever I want to do in the future and I don’t want to be dependent on other faculty members forever. A PhD and a TT job will give me the freedom to do what I want in terms of research… I guess that’s my real answer.

Now, if only I were allowed to be this truthful in a personal statement…

Also, being called “Dr.” is kind of cool… but it’s not like people in our field call each other doctor… And, to my family, I’ll never be a “real” doctor because I will not have an MD. I’m a felon, it’ll never happen.

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Who Do I Want to Become a Psychologist?

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