Which Mesopotamian Empire Accomplished the Most? Essay

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Which Mesopotamian Empire Accomplished the Most?

As a world famous historian, I have been asked to prepare a report for this conference about which Mesopotamian empire accomplished the most. My years studying the history of the ancient world have made me the perfect candidate for the job. My opinion is that the Babylonian Empire accomplished the most out of all of the Mesopotamian empires.

The Babylonian Empire, under the rule of King Hammurabai, created laws to unify his empire and preserve order. This set an example for the rest of the world’s civilizations to copy. He achieved this by developing his code of laws. Through these laws, he also gave certain rights to the under-represented citizens of Mesopotamia, the women and slaves. These were the first set of laws to apply to everyone so that all people would know their rights and responsibilities. This united the people of his empire and Babylonia thrived. They built roads and created a postal service. They kept irrigation systems working properly for agriculture and this provided plenty of food. Its location on the Euphrates River made Babylon an important center of trade and helped the empire’s economy. The arts flourished as the citizens now had their basic needs met and they could pursue leisure activities.

Others may argue that the advancement in war weapons and strategies allowed for survival of the fittest civilizations and let the way to conquering and expanding civilizations and technology, but I disagree. I believe it is the empire that showed the most compassion and justice that has allowed us to truly thrive as a society.

The Babylonian empire brought the first code of laws that applied to all citizens. It also gave rights to women and slaves. Individuals felt a sense of fairness and hope under this rule. They pursued interests that went beyond survival and took pride in their achievements. Their craftwork flourished and made Babylonia an important center of trade. The Babylonian empire’s economy and people prospered. Much of what they accomplished led to the success of future civilizations, including our own.

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