When the Cheating Stops the Real Academics Begin

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Studying is the process of learning and developing skills of integrity and values central to scholarship. This is the meaning of study, yet this is only the formal meaning. Many people think study is only an inconsequential impediment that must be crossed in order for the student to receive an A. Due to today's colleges making A's pretty much mandatory, all students must receive A's if they want a life of wealth and prosperity. However not all students can receive an A by themselves, so some choose a path of academic cheating.

Students feel inclined to perform above average in school. Low self-esteem and a lack of morals prompt a student to cheat to maintain an acceptable grade. Now, as students perform less and less, they sink to obtain good grades by cheating. This method to acquire the desired grades will only harm the student, instead of the imagined result. This includes plagiarism (taking credit for others work), receiving unauthorized information of quizzes, tests, etc; copying work of others, possession of unauthorized materials during examination (Ex: calculators, dictionaries, etc), Deception in the classroom about tests or any other issue that might lead to a raise in grade, and forgery.

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A teacher at a school caught a student doing something wrong and used the tried and true method of having the student write out 100 times "I will not do...." The student asked if she could type it, and the teacher said, "Yes." The student sat down at the computer and within 30 seconds had completed the task by simply typing the line once and then copying and pasting it down the page and printing it out.

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The cleverness of the student, made the teacher understand that students will go to any length to get out of an assignment. This is a good example of wayward academics.

In only a few short years, the personal computer and the Internet have radically changed the way students do research. Although these developments allow the more rapid broadcasting of information, (which most educators would not consider a bad thing) a new set of problems has been created for those in charge of nurturing scholarly honesty. While some of these problems are not new, recently introduced technology is compounding them. Some students spend more time trying to figure out how to avoid doing an assignment than the actual doing would have taken. Usually the clumsiest students are caught - a clever plagiarist will often get away with it.

The tools of technology are taking power away from the teacher and putting it into the hands of the trickster. The act of copying a detailed assignment is now far easier than it was when words or pictures had were transcribed by hand. The time involved in writing by hand used to be something of a hopeless factor, but this is no longer the case. The digital medium makes perfect copies so duplicates are not distinguishable from the original as they would in the case of photocopied materials or when errors creep in. There is also no withering of copies, so a copy of a copy is as good as the original, allowing the further spread of the original material in good condition. With inexpensive and easy to use software, and a scanner, printed text can be quickly imported into a word processor for "doctoring."

With a variety of fonts and page formatting options, even papers that are word-for-word identical can be made to look very different from one another at first glance. The worst part is that students do not read the paper they assemble before turning it in for credit! Electronic libraries of essays, reports, and homework assignments on a wide range of topics are stored by businesses that offer these items to students for "research purposes" or as "study aids." Even Cliff's Notes has gone digital. Some companies promise, for a fee of course, to write a paper on the topic of your choice and deliver it to you the same day! Same day service does have a more expensive cost though. Some examples include: SchoolSucks.com, FastPapers.com, EssayPage.com, A-ZTermPapers.com.

Students in foreign language classes can avoid composition assignments by using an electronic translator like Babelfish. In Distance Learning courses delivered over the Internet, instructors may never even meet their students face to face. The possibilities of exchange of test answers or other work between class members or the impersonation of a test taker by someone with greater expertise are problems that teachers are only beginning to reconsider.

Cheating is not just buying an essay paper it can be as simple as having chewing gum in a pocket. There is a website that gives instructions on how to cheat successfully, see Bibliography for more information. Some of these methods include, "writing between the fingers, write on an index card and attach it a rubber band up a sleeve, at night write on the desk you will use to test on, and write on a pencil. The best one is buying gum, use the wrapper to write notes, and during test time, chew the gum that has your notes.

There are times in class where some students may not have any idea about academics. Another student tries to help the ignorant student, and another student chastises the helper. This makes the ignorant student never aware of the cheating, the helper is hesitant to help again, and the students chastising the helper are most likely to cheat themselves.

Philosophy class 140, conference 4, under Divine Command theory; Jenny Benini takes authors words verbatim. Another student, I, tries to help point her in the correct direction, and let her know in case she is very unaware of her doing. A fellow student, Cherise Riley who should also try to help Benini, then rebukes me; not realizing that she is either promoting wayward academics or has no intentions to help out anyone but herself.

Wayward academics are found in every educational facility. We must not promote these practices but try to expose these practices. This make students aware of different types of cheating and that none will be accepted. Letting the student go on time after times with their wayward academics not only hinders their future but also puts ours into their hands. When the cheating stops the real academics can begin.


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Updated: Oct 11, 2021
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