When Freedom Is Threatened by Its Prohibition

Many people believe that freedom comes naturally and cant be something that can be taken from you, however that isn't the case because freedom can be taken from you. Sadly some countries then and now too there peoples rights that they should've had. But sometimes for good reason most countries were scared of being attacked so for example sending mail was restricted in some places, Here are some quotes from the story ¨The Censors¨

Usually it takes months, even years, if there aren't any snags; all this time the freedom maybe even the life, of both sender and receiver is in jeopardy.

This is important because the people should be given the right to send letters and have the privacy they deserve they should not be hurt because of words. The citizens having there letters censored should not have been done it was the freedom they deserved taken away. The wavering hand of someone secretly scheming to overthrow the government. There are people in the government and citizens of their country who would want to overthrow the government and take over the country and this was a very dangerous thing for the government because if people tried to overthrow the government they probably could because the government was very weak and could have been easily overthrown.

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Because of the government being weak they would desperate things that would help protect them but not the people, while this was happening people were dying who were sending letters. There are also other examples of lack of freedom in other times in history.

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As crazy as it sounds the US also struggled with creating and keeping equal rights.¨The land of the free, and the home of the brave.¨ The americans were born free with equal rights, but the only problem was the U.S. did not have laws protecting children workers. The children workers were usually worked until they could not work no more. These children were more than likely homeless and had no family. Like other groups who were being mistreated and did not have fair rights these children had no other choice but to protest so they can be heard and so they can fight for there fair rights. This is important because america is based on freedom and non segregation but there still was segregation in america. These small groups who felt they needed fair rights stood up for themselves and tried to get heard from the government so they can fix there problems. In the past years we've had some good presidents who addressed these issues and helped out society.

In JFK's first inauguration speech he said one of the most powerful and meaningful quotes. ¨United we stand, divided we fall¨. This quote was very important because the american people were having a hard time deciding on what to believe. After JFK said that quote it hit home for a lot of people they realized they were in good hands and there freedom will never be taken and put there minds at ease. President JFK also said one of the most iconic and patriotic quotes in U.S. history. ¨My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.¨ This was also extremely important because it brought the american citizens who were once felt separated by politics and race now feel the american pride and freedom they deserved.

These pieces of evidence and quotes truly show how freedom was throughout history and how they have been taken or not even presented to some people. This shows that freedom should not just be something that is taken for granite and shows that you should be grateful and appreciate what you have because more than likely people in other places might not have the rights you do.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021
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