Perils of Prohibition: The Strengths of Lowering the Drinking Age

When I drink, I love drinking only water or cranberry juice. I am under 21, so if I wanted to drink alcohol, I can get it from my house. As I grew up with a family that drinks alcohol, I never tried alcohol and I never knew what it was like. I don't know anything much about alcohol. Teenagers and younger people think growing up involves breaking rules, but at least it's not true for other people. Elizabeth M. Whelan discusses this problem for teenagers and college students in "The Perils of Prohibition.

" Even though some of her arguments aren't explained enough, there are two strengths: when she uses her credibility about teaching safe drinking to her daughter, Christine, and she informed people about the dangers of alcohol.

In the "Perils of Prohibition," Elizabeth Whelan argues about the effects of people in college and in high schools, and why drinking alcohol at age should be lowered to eighteen years old. She compares the U.

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S to Europe, where drinking alcohol can be lowered at a young age. Whelan discusses also about why people should be able to drink alcohol at the age of eighteen years old by showing everything that her daughter, Christine, is allowed to do at that age. The purpose of Elizabeth Whelan writing the article is to convince people to lower the legal age to purchase alcohol. Overall, she did this by using facts, statistics, and many examples in her article.

One weakness in Whelan's essay for her argument is that when she stated, "In the parts of the Western world, moderate drinking by teenagers and even children under their parents' supervision is a given.

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Though the per capita consumption of alcohol in France, Spain, and Portugal is higher than in the United States, the rate of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is lower." (Whelan 1). She didn't have enough research for moderate drinking. The research didn't even compare U.S to France because it is a common thing for teenagers in France. These teenagers have already been taught about the dangers of alcohol and their parents brought them up to experience drinking alcohol safely.

Another weakness in her essay when stated, “As a public-health scientist with a daughter, Christine, heading to college this fall, I have professional and personal concerns about teen binge drinking. It is imperative that we explore why so many young people abuse alcohol." (Whelan 1). This gives off a message because she seems very concerned and emotional about her daughter going to college and not knowing how to safely drink alcohol. She said that anyone who goes to college doesn't know how to safely drink alcohol because she's assuming about everyone going to college and drinking alcohol when they enter college. This hurts her reason because she doesn't know that everyone will drink alcohol when they enter college. Also, this can show a message of making a way to think her daughter will drink without knowing if she was going to ever do it or not.

One strength in her essay when she stated, "Last year a young friend with no drinking experience was violently ill for days after he was introduced to "clear liquids in small glasses" during freshmen orientation. We want our daughter to learn how to drink sensibly and avoid this pitfall. (Whelan 1). She used her credibility of her daughter because she wanted to teach her about safe drinking. This is strengthens her reason in her essay to educate her daughter because she believes in her daughter can have a better college experience when she faces drinking. alcohol. Whelan compared her work and family to help her argument. Elizabeth and her husband really show that they really care about Christine because they invited her to have a glass of wine with dinner to teach her about sensible drinking.

The last strength in her essay she noted, "We read a story in the college paper about a student who was nearly electrocuted when, in a drunken state, he climbed on top of a moving train at a railroad station near the campus. The student survived, but three of his limbs were later amputated." (Whelan 2). She informed to people about the dangers of alcohol by using this story. Whelan made valid points by relating this story being similar of another young man who got drunk and made his way into a chimney. He was left there for three days later, he was found dead in the chimney. She pointed out a message to show that younger people with lack of experience to help them learn from their mistakes, so as they get older they will be aware of the consequences of drinking alcohol irresponsibly.

Updated: Mar 18, 2023
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