What is Sublimation Essay

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What is Sublimation

1. Sublimation The transitions of a substance from the solid phase directly to the vapour phase, or vice versa, without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

2. Sublimation is the process of a solid changing form a gas to a solid without going to the liquid state and vice versa. An example of sublimation is the ice cubes in freezer over a period of time they will begin to sublimate due to the temperature. This also happens when you place your clothes on a line outside when it is below freezing. The water freezes then sublimates and your clothes will be dry but very cold.

There is one gas that changes to a solid directly at -109 degrees Fahrenheit and that is carbon dioxide. a gas can go to a solid if at the right temperature but some are very low to go directly to a solid so for an easier process they got to the liquid state by going to a higher temperature , so that then it can be frozen and then begin to sublimate example: Helium transforms to a liquid at -452.1 degrees Fahrenheit, if then frozen while in the liquid state it will then turn out to be a solid and begin to sublimate over a period of time. Hydrogen transforms to a liquid at 422.9 degrees Fahrenheit. If at that point in time it is frozen to a solid, that phase will start to sublimate over a period of time into a gas

3. Sublimation (in chemistry) is the process by which a solid is converted on heating directly into a gas, without going through a liquid state. Only a small number of solids sublime, carbon dioxide, CO2 and iodine, I2, being examples. Ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, sublimes on heating, but the vapour is a mixture of ammonia, NH3, and hydrogen chloride, HCl; on cooling, solid ammonium chloride is reformed. Some solids, which do melt to form a liquid, still evaporate quite rapidly if kept below their melting points; iodine and sulphur are examples. This is also sublimation, and can be used as a method of purification.

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