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Currency Note Identification Using

Categories Economics, Money

Essay, Pages 5 (1150 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1150 words)


This paper proposes a picture process technique to extract folding money denomination. Automatic detection and recognition of currency notes have gained tons of analysis attention in recent years significantly because of its large potential applications. It is shown that currencies are often classified supported a collection of distinctive non-discriminating options.Initial we tend to access the note by the simply collapsed scanner on fix dpi with a called size, the pixels akin is about to get managed.

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When this extracted the portion of the note containing the distinctive form, number, emblem, etc. This system is employed to match or notice currency denomination of folding money.


Technology is growing day by day. Consequently, the banking sector is additionally obtaining Now-a-days. This brings a deep would like of automatic faux currency detection in the machine and automatic product merchant machine. Several researchers are inspired to develop strong and economical automatic currency detection machine. An automatic machine which might notice banknotes are currently widely employed in dispensers of a contemporary product like candies , soft drinks bottle to bus or railway tickets.

The technology of currency recognition essentially aims for distinctive and extracting visible and invisible options of currency notes. Until now, several techniques are planned to spot the currency note. However, the most effective approach is to use the visual options of the note. For instance colour and size. However, this manual is not useful if the note is dirty or torn.

If a note is dirty, its colour characteristic is modified wide.

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Therefore it is vital that we tend to extract the options of the image of the currency note and apply the correct algorithmic rule to enhance accuracy to acknowledge the note. We tend to apply here a straight forward algorithmic rule that works properly. The image of the currency note is captured and scanned through a camera. The hidden options of the note are highlighted with in the actinic radiation. Currently, process on the image is completed there on non-inheritable image exploitation ideas like image segmentation, edge data of image and characteristics feature extraction. MATLAB is that the excellent tool for procedure and analysis. Feature extraction of pictures is a difficult task in the digital image process. It involves abstraction of airy and beheld options of Indian bill notes. This axis consists of assorted accomplish like bend detection blah calibration conversion, affection extraction, analysis and chief. Acquisition of image is a method of making digital pictures, from a physical scene. Here, the image is captured by a camera specified all the options are highlighted. Image is then hold on further process.


The process of edge detection is a basic tool in image processing. It is wide employed in space of feature detection and extraction. This method aim at a distinctive purpose in a digital image at that image brightness sharply changes. Method of image segmentation exploitation separate trigonometric function remodel this method subdivides the image into two sub regions. The amount of division depends upon the matter. Segmentation algorithmic rule for pictures that are monochromatic relays on properties of pictures like separation and similarity method of classification exploitation K-NN.


Discrete moving ridge remodel is applied on every currency note. The approximate constant matrix of the reworked image springs. Over the past several years, the wavelet transform has gained widespread acceptance in signal processing in general and in image compression research in particular. In applications such as still image compression, discrete wavelet transform based schemes have outperformed other coding schemes like the one based on DCT. To overcome the problem of capturing image through camera at any distance we go for the 2D wavelet transform.

Fig: Block diagram for currency note identification


  1. Currency note is captured through a camera or scanning using a scanner.
  2. DWT is performed on currency note as shown in below figure
  3. Block Diagram of DWT (a) Original Image (b) Output image after the 1-D applied on Row input (c) Output image after the second 1-D applied on row input
  4. Edge detection is performed on currency note.
  5. Characteristic features of paper currency will be cropped and segmented.
  6. After segmentation, the characteristics of currency note are extracted.
  7. Mean square error is calculated on each feature
  8. If the condition is satisfied, then the currency note is said to be original otherwise fake.


Feature extraction refers to the retrieval information about the image by applying image processing algorithms.

Security thread

It is a 3mm windowed security thread with inscriptions of India in Hindi, RBI and 2000/500 on bank notes with colour shift . Colour of the thread changes from green to blue when the note is tilted.

Water mark:

The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, and multidirectional lines and a mark showing the denominational numeral appear which can be viewed when held against light.

Latent image

A vertical band on front side of the denomination at right hand size. It contains latent image showing numeral of denomination when banknote is held horizontally at eye level

Identification Mark

A mark with intaglio print which can be felt by touch, helps a blind person to identify the denomination. In 500 denomination the mark is Five lines, while 100 denomination the mark is four lines.


Testing a 500 denomination note


  1. Accuracy is more
  2. Less distortion rate


  1. Authentication purpose
  2. Duplicate Identification


The conferred approach offers an economical technique of pretend currency detection supported physically. Three necessary security measures explored for currency detection are the protection thread, run band, and identification mark. Image processing algorithms are applied to extract the options.

  1. To mix the multiple options, call a score of all the options that were consolidated. The effectiveness of the projected approach is tried by 100% recognition of fake detection accuracy and therefore the low price of mean square error
  2. The future perspective of the approach is to sight alternative national currencies and to infuse the conferred technique into a mobile application, in order that its proving to be a larger use . The appliance areas which will be helpful through the projected approach embody fake currency detection whereas electronic currency exchange and cash deposit victimization ATM.


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