What is an Educated Filipino Essay

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What is an Educated Filipino


Lesson Targets:
Discuss the concept of holistic health
Explain the different dimensions of holistic health (physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, social, moral-spiritual)
Analyze the interplay among the health dimensions in developing holistic health.  Practice health habits to achieve holistic health.

Something to Ponder On

When you were younger, you did not have to think much about your health. Your parents, teachers, and other caring adults looked out for your health. They made sure that you ate the right food, had regular medical checkup and immunizations, and other health practices. As an adolescent, your personal health now becomes your responsibility. Every day you make health decisions so it is very important that you know correct health information. It is therefore, your responsibility to use health information wisely to guide your day- to-day activities.

Live a healthy and happy life. This must start early in life. Your health habits and practices today as well as in the past, will greatly affect the status of your future health. Nowadays, health focuses on wellness. It is a positive approach that includes all the dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, social and moral-spiritual. Health is the well-being of your body, mind, and your relationship with others. On the other hand, wellness means striving to live your life to achieve your fullest potential, making decisions, and acting in healthy ways. It is practicing positive healthbehaviors based on sound knowledge and healthy attitudes. You are likely to have a high degree of wellness if you have a balanced life. Being healthy means having a balance of the dimensions of health. This results in attaining holistic health.

Physical health means how well your body functions. It means you can carry out everyday tasks without becoming too tired. It also means you have enough energy to enjoy activities and to meet emergencies. It means developing healthful habits and avoiding destructive habits, such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and taking dangerous drugs and harmful substances. You can attain this by giving your body total care, which includes thefollowing:  keeping your body fit by exercising and participating in active games Teenagers engage in physical activities to become fit

eating a well-balanced diet

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getting adequate sleep and rest

drinking enough water
practicing cleanliness and good grooming habits

getting regular medical and dental checkup and treatment  avoiding harmful substances, such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs of abuse

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