What Have I Learned and Imbibed from Dr. Jose P Rizal?

“Whatever our condition might be then, let us love our country always and let us wish nothing but her welfare. Thus we shall labor in conformity with the purpose of humanity dictated by god which is the harmony and universal peace of his creatures” (–Dr.Ferdinand Blumentritt) The process of building a nation involves combining the heart and the mind of a people. It needs to have the heart of all its people, for it is the collective heart of a people that will give the passion, the faithful commitment, and the discipline needed to endure through times of struggle .

Being a Filipino is not just being born in this country, being a Filipino must possess a good character, we must do the best effort to contribute to the entire nation for the better of all of the people and the environment that provide our needs to live and god that give us all the blessing and wealth , a very good example of being a Filipino and a hero is the pride of our country Dr.

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Jose P. Rizal, a man who is patriotic, godliness, nature lover that must be imbibed to our lives as a Filipino.

His works must be reflected because it is a solemn duty mainly because they are relevant to our time and place. (pasigui, 2005) I learned Rizal use his intelligence against Spaniards the fact that Rizal offer his life and dreams to free our country in foreign domination .and that’s make him different to other hero.

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Today we enjoy advantages and freedom of his sacrifice that Rizal never experience, but despite of this advantages, he proves to all of us that he is definitely an ultimate example of versatile genius.

According to biographical sketch of Teofilo H Montemayor, He mastered 22 languages. These include Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Malayan, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Tagalog, and other native dialects. He was an architect, artists, businessman, cartoonist, educator, economist, ethnologist, scientific farmer, historian, inventor, journalist, linguist, musician, mythologist, nationalist, naturalist, novelist, ophthalmic surgeon, poet, propagandist, psychologist, scientist, sculptor, sociologist, and theologian. From his achievements and character I learned and imbibed not impossible for all of us to become like a genius and a useful citizens of our country, I will study harder as he is to become versatile like him.

If I only follow his thoughts and deed to become like him who is versatile and genius in many fields of discipline is not impossible as long as you are driven to make it and continue doing for it. In his world of times I learned a lot from him including, when he is in first school of Biñan the first bullying of him with Pedro and with a chance he fought Pedro and defeat this boy (Ocampo, 2001).from this experience I learn that I must not let others to discriminate me! But fight to raise above those nonsense people! Being conscious to his physical appearance make me remind that there is always room for improvement. As a member of Philippine society I have a big role for this country development and progress in economy in able to do that I will follow Rizal idea that only education make us free from oppress conditions, in his life and works experience I imbibed that the life is a process from being born with no knowledge, skill experience into having of all this knowledge, skill, experience until a man bury when he is death because certainly education is a life itself in its true essence.

When Rizal says “Imagine yourself in my place and that is, if you have hearts, you will feel as I felt” his emotion regarding this statement I reflect that physical and emotional state of Rizal is make him added of his oppress condition that make it as a gasoline to drive and work towards Philippine independence. From this I agree to Columnist Ambeth Ocampo “Handicaps is a part of life: they may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or socio-economic.” If I treated these all handicaps of life like Rizal I know that I can conquer and cure all of this .and if not the consequence are failure and misery will come. I see this Filipino as great leader that I will follow him. For me to be able to succeed in my dreams, and let my country and its people benefited from my later success in the future. Much has been said that we the Filipinos are being slow, dull witted, small dark-skinned, and pugged nosed. Yet for Rizal, these were traits to be proud of (Ocampo, 2001).

I absolutely agree with Rizal many of the Filipinos today try to expense for buying beauty soap to become fair complexion, that make me sad that they did not want our original color skin , what hurt most is that they perceived it as ugly that’s the why they buy it , but for me the color is not matters even we are white or black we must not mind about it but instead accept it, I imagined how much Filipino cost of one individual in buying this products for only to become fair skin, instead of wasting my money on it. I will accept what complexion that gave to me and the cost of buying these things must be lent in some lawful and reasonable way. I also learn that if somebody who has can try to expense these products, there is no reason for the student like me to can’t buy book, and other reference materials.

In helping to study and know better, if you want more you will do more. Rizal rose from his weakness and became what we have known of him today; then we can likewise rise from our limitations and become the people we should be .Rizal can probably find truth in the saying coined by the late president Ferdinand Marcos that: “This nation will be great again” (Ocampo, 2001) He is a hero that signifies an exceptional student in his university life that molds him to become a better person in our society and for that matter I will also trying harder to be successful. A modern day hero that contributing in nation building and solving life problems that all people in this country suffer.

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What Have I Learned and Imbibed from Dr. Jose P Rizal?

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