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Our design is not just what it looks like and feels like but our design is how it works.

Share your business plans with us to get advice from 9+ years experienced team.

  • The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests
  • Build an online ventured pack with the power to increase engagement, conversions and revenue
  • Attain growth with with ever changing dynamics
  • Customizable and affordable as per the different business models, global trends and growing business needs

Make it simple, but significant.

Because simplicity is sophistication.Creating a thing what you value with the affordable price and satisifaction.

Radthutech is specialized in the following domains and makes things very helpful to many happy customers. We have a strong team of passionate and dedicated designers and developers who bring your dream design to web design.

Web designing company

Providing incredible web design services for your business and services. The choice is yours out the following web design types.

Custom web designword press web designcorporate web design dynamic web designresponsive web designweb redesigning

Best web design in Chennai

As a leading web Design Company in Chennai and has a decade experience in designing we have come across several leaps and bounds in the industry. With this experience, we are reaching the client and satisfying their expectations.

  • Enriched web designs services we offer
  • Offering end to end web services in a flawless way

Since being the topmost web designs company in Chennai, we provide a set of complete web design and other IT solutions to accelerate your business and progressive growth in the concerned field.

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We help your business to bloom and nourish in all the perceptive.

Custom Web design

Custom web designs are specifically for brands, business, and products. Possessing this kind website is free from repetition and similarities of templates and other things. We are specialized in customize websites which are specifically owned for your reputed companies. We create your dream designs and also the design you are not even dreamt of. Providing the custom options open the door to create the perfect website. Custom web designs can be done with the clean coding which in turns increase your website rank higher. Quality and uniquely customized website are created here.

Static web design

Static web design is designing a website in a standardized way no matter what device the website is being viewed on, the website width won’t be altered or resized. We are delivering the proper static website using the well-coded Javascript and API’s from our design and developing a team. One of the striking features the clients asked for the static web design is security and remove out all the possibilities of hacking and ensures top security to your website. We are delivering the static web designs over a decade with tight code and top security.

Dynamic web design

Dynamic web design is a better option for the client who needs frequent updating and changes. Depending on the client need, the dynamic web site can be simple or complex. We are the leading the dynamic website design company in Chennai. Since the dynamic web designs offer the ease of add and manage the content of the website with the group experienced designers and developers. The website can be easily updated with or without the help of the professional developer. Embracing the dynamic website will increase the credibility of the website by earning your customers trust through the uninterrupted engagement.

Responsive web design

In terms of the responsive web design, we are leading and best company in creating a responsive web design. Because responsive web design patterns work across different devices. When creating responsive web designs the designers need not to create the different website formats which are suitable for the different device. Our developers using the collective experience we are creating a specific responsive website that fulfills the criteria of the user need and we are specialized in that.

Corporate web design

A Corporate Website is more than the face of a business. It is the perception of a firm. Radthutech translates your business into a compelling case for collaboration on the web. A successful web design demands clarity and an ability to visualize the overall solution within specific industry domains and their business processes. Our web development not only requires a technically adept team of website designers but also market savvy group of professionals who understand the business objectives and the demands of the market. Our website designs are stylish and contemporary that instantly appeals to your customers to retain their attention. We are experts in creating and communicating a strong, clear and compelling brand. We deliver a product that makes your organization the leader while carving a niche for itself in the World Wide Web. Our process easy yet comprehensive and provide a solution which is optimal for your company.

Word press web design

We have created numerous word press web designs for clients from a diversified industrial base and extensive website in a proper manner. We offer a complete package of word press CMS solutions that help in designing your website in a most efficacious way. We have created a numerous Word Press website design for clients from the diversified industrial base and we are highly making use of the good extensive feature in a proper way. We offer highly secured easy aware of making highly stimulates the on-page ranking.

Website redesigning

Website redesigning is more tedious when compare to website creation. Redesigning an outdated website into responsive or incorporating the UI/UX designs is a little bit difficult. Rebuilding the website without changing their brands and signature, radthutecch is using the advanced approach in creating the redesigns of a website

UI/UX Designs

UI/UX designs comprise of the intractability and navigability. Website with good interaction and navigation attains the potential client and suffers huge business gains. Our seamless team of UI/UX designers delivers incredible websites and maintain the interactivity and navigability in the entire website by exactly placing the elements in the hot spots.

Our website design process

Being a leading website designing company, we follow several processes for creating each website. We maintain transparency in work and well structured and framed web designs are highly applicable for the clients to attain their satisfaction

Step 1: Discover

The Discover phase of the web design process is all about information-gathering. This step is important for you to understand more about your client’s business and industry, their target market and customers, and the ultimate goal/aim for the website.

Questions to Ask Your Clients During This Step:

  • What does your business or organization do?
  • What sets your business or organization apart from your competition?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

Describe the concept, project or service this site is intended to provide or promote.

  • What is the goal of your website?
  • Who is coming to your website?
  • What is your dream for this website?
  • Is there a budget for their web presence?

Step 2: Plan

Just like information-gathering, the planning step of website design is a critical part of launching a new website. As designers, it’s easy to want to jump right into the design step, since that’s the most creative (and enjoyable) part of a project. But, ultimately, research and planning will help clarify your objectives for the website and guide your design, so spend a generous amount of time in this stage

of the process. Just like the saying, “measure twice, cut once,” spending time on website planning is a good investment that will ultimately save you time and even money in the long-run.

Step 3: Design

The third step of the web design process is to design how the website will look. In this step, a website wireframe is created with basic web page elements such as the header, navigation, widgets, etc. The wireframe can then be moved into a more realistic mockup using a program such as Photoshop. Design should also accommodate content. Content often accommodates design instead, and content ends up receiving very little attention. Website content is the number one thing you want viewers to notice. For each page design, ask yourself these questions:

What is the main goal of the page?

  • Is it clear to users what action they need to take?
  • How does the design encourage users to take action?

Good web designers also keep in mind how a design will translate to code. Even if you aren’t doing the development yourself, as a designer, it’s a good idea to invest in your coding skills. Have a developer review a design before it goes to the client.

Finally, use the Design step to finalize the overall look of the website with the client and discuss decisions for colors, typography, and imagery. Confirm the design with the client before moving on to any development.

Step 4: Develop

In the Develop step, the website design is translated into actual code that makes the website work. This stage can be the most lengthy, so keep clients informed on the status of the project.

The basic steps of website development include:

  • Install WordPress on a localhost or testing server.

Install a starter WordPress theme.

Install a  HYPERLINK ” WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy. Running a backup plugin during development makes it easy to 1) revert file changes and 2) move the site to the live domain or server for launch.

Using the mockup, translate the design to the live site.

Test and optimize along the way.

Step 5: Launch

Finally, it’s time to launch the website. Since there are so many steps involved in launching a website, it’s a good idea to use a checklist to make sure you haven’t missed a step.

Use these checklist posts to make sure your website launch goes smoothly:

The Complete WordPress Launch Checklist for DevelopersThe Essential WordPress Website Launch ChecklistThe Ultimate WordPress Checklist: 80+ Tasks for Every WordPress Website OwnerStep 6: Maintain

This last and final step of web design is often overlooked by freelancers, but website maintenance is important for the long-term health and success of a website, as well as a source of potential recurring revenue.

Before a new website project even begins, educate potential clients on the longterm responsibilities

of owning a website.  Just like owning a car or house, a website will need upkeep and maintenance. Offer a monthly  HYPERLINK ” WordPress maintenance service to take website maintenance tasks off your clients.

Why Radthutech?

We, at Radthutech, have web development experts in Chennai as well as a diligent approach towards all projects that come our way, big or small. Our developers and designers are well-versed in how custom web designing works and strive to ensure deadline-oriented top quality results. We also provide comprehensive web solutions and help clients in widening their audience. Our developers pay close attention to the requirements and expectations of the clients and ensure that the final result is desirable to them. It is our collective industry experience and field knowledge that has made us a force to reckon with in the world of website development.

As a top web development company in Chennai will check websites are invigorating, engaging and responsive. We are known for developing user-friendly mobile sites. Such sites account for almost half of the internet activity all around

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