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Violence Video Game

Categories Negative Effects Of Technology, Video Game, Video Game Violence

Essay, Pages 2 (434 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (434 words)

Video game is one of the popular medium used by children and young adults. Aside from the Televisin and movie, video game is also used by the public as a way of entertainment. Due to its profound way of entertainment the popularity of video games had increased its rating. Video game is a form of entertainment, which application requires interaction with the person playing it. The use of video game is applicable to all ages, meaning everyone is capable of playing video games.

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However, over exposure to video games have negative effect to life of an individual Just like the television and movie, video games has the ability to influenced its audience. Decades of research clearly indicates that violent television shows and movie can create negative effect on the behavior of a person. At present time, most of the video games are portraying violence. Also, violent video games has negative psychological effect on the person like the movie and television.

Violent video games can effect sudden psychological changes on the person engaged to it.

Research shows that the effect of violent video games can be seen on the increse of agressive behavior of those who are exposed to it. Statistics show that most of the person exposed with violent video games had develop aggressive with the way they – talk, think and feel. Among children the effect of violent video game is negative. Most children are spending more time playing violent video games everyday than studying.

Research shows that violent video games promtes violence to children than learning healthy ways to deal with other people to resolve differences in a peaceful manner.

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Also. due to excessive violent video game habit of children the statistics of failing marks in schools had increased. Violent video games has a negative effect in the society. Like any violent movie and television shows, violence in video game also has negative effect in the society. Through violent video games, the people in some instances gather violent ideas. Effect of violent video game can be related to death or crime among students.

Also, effects violent video games affect the number of street violence involving weapons – guns, baseball bats and knives. Violent video games also has an effect to the life of students. Due to violent video games the students tend to play more violent video games than study their lesson. According to latest research effects of violent video games can be related to argument with teachers and poor performance in school. Also, increased number of physical fight incidents inside the campus is the effect of violent video games among students.

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