Violence in a Book Code of the Streets

Code of the Streets is a book embeded in a central city area in Philadelphia written by Elijah Anderson. The “code of the streets” integrated with regard, commitment, and honor is a system used to manage social interactions within the city. The individuals within the inner city are pushed into living by the code of the street as a survival system. The book explains the issues that exist within the city like teen pregnancy and the absence of financial chance. Anderson utilized ethnography research study approaches to acquire his info on the African American’s in certain parts of the city in the 1990’s.

His research accounted for street violence and the disadvantaged African American in the communities.

The drug market is among the underlying concerns associated with the code of the street. Economically these neighborhoods are denied and are covered with drugs and criminal activities leading to joblessness, unusually enough the individuals rely on violence and drugs for financial gain.

The drug trade produces financial trade within the neighborhoods, and although being a drug dealership is dangerous they enjoy the benefits that come with task. Some people see drug dealing as a genuine method to get items like clothes or food. Being able to get such goods even more enhances their status within the streets. As increasingly more kids are being raised on the streets they require role designs and somebody there for them to keep them on a straight course.

In the book Anderson discusses the distinction between “decent households” and “street families”.

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A decent household is middle class and hardworking they had mainstream values and effort to include them in their kids’s lives. Decent parents are more ready to utilize schools and churches to help their children. They also teach their children to be respectful and utilize good manners along with how to safeguard themselves when it comes to violence and not being another victim to the streets. Street households on the other hand do not relate to society they have an absence of concern and do not actually establish a considering that of family and community. Street parents utilize the code of the streets as a method to persuade their children into violent behaviors.

Family members usually resort in self destructive behaviors like drugs and alcohol. For the children in decent homes it is important for them to grow up street smart and to recognize the street codes, and for the children growing up in street homes it was important for them to know the preparations for drug trades and even sometimes murder. The children in these neighborhoods are brought up on what the family believes to be most valuable to them.

In the streets your nothing without respect and people will do anything to get it. They do many things to get respect like fighting, jumping someone, or even shooting someone. If you live in the streets and you did not have respect people would try every day to get at you or you would be tested by people who saw you as vulnerable. Without a reputation in the streets a person’s credibility would be questionable.

In Anderson’s thesis he argues that the code of the streets is the result of cultural adaption is socially and economically poor communities. He even states that by abiding by the code a person can reduce their risk of being victimized. The high violence rates among young African American’s males have led to some concerns and more research based on Anderson’s findings.

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