Oreo: A Chance Meeting on a Rainy Afternoon

Categories: Short Story

The afternoon had turned dark and cloudy, and I could sense that rain was coming. I briefly lamented the time I had wasted washing my car, but just as quickly, I realized that rain would mean I’d get out of yard work, and I hate yard work. It was a Saturday, and there was plenty to watch on television, so I settled onto the sofa with a bag of cookies as the first drops of moisture began to fall from the sky; little did I know that that storm would bring more than an afternoon of rain into my life.

The rain quickly became heavy, and the drops grew thicker and larger as a wind started to pick up.

As the storm increased and the wind shifted, droplets of water bounced off the sliding glass door making it harder to hear the television set. Surfing the channels trying to find the perfect show, a flash of lighting ripped across the sky, and as the roll of thunder passed, the rain storm turned into a sudden downpour.

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I rose from the sofa and went over to the glass door. Watching as another bolt of lightning tore through the sky, I hardly noticed the thunder clap that followed as my attention was drawn to a pair of illuminated eyes that seemed to be floating in my backyard.

Dropping the cookie that I held in my hand, I watched as the pair of eyes drew closer to the sliding glass door. More lightening revealed that the eyes belonged to a small, rain-soaked dog that looked a bit like a rat and was no bigger than an NFL football.

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As I watched the little thing make its way through the downpour, my fate and the dog’s were sealed when it cowered down as more thunder rumbled overhead. I threw open the sliding glass door, paying no attention to the sheeting rain that blew in.

A moment later, the dripping-wet dog jumped over the threshold of the doorway, moved a few feet into the living room, and gave himself a healthy shake. Water flew everywhere, and I took a few steps back from the animal. Returning from the bathroom with a towel, I saw that the dog had located the fallen cookie and was nibbling on it. I also noticed a striking resemblance between the two, and as I reached down to take the Oreo cookie from the dog, I knew I’d found a name for the black and white creature that had entered my home.

Scooping the wet dog up into my arms, I toweled him off while talking softly to him. When I put him back onto the ground, the once wet, rat-like canine had transformed into a big ball of black and white fluff with alert eyes, a button nose, and a tongue that seemed to seek out the flesh of my face, licking it as if in thanks. Sharing my Oreos with Oreo was out of the question as I know chocolate is bad for dogs, so I went to my kitchen, intent on filling a small, plastic bowl with some Cheerios.

Crossing from the carpeted floor of the living room to the tiled floor of the kitchen, I heard the tip-tapping of dog nails behind me, and as I turned, I saw that Oreo had no intention of letting me out of his sight. Returning to the living room, I placed the bowl of cereal on the end table, so I could give the dog one more good drying off. Once again, after being toweled off, the little dog shook himself into a fluffy ball, and there was no doubt in my mind that he was a Pomeranian. I plopped myself back onto the sofa, and patted the cushion beside me.

After a moment’s hesitation to size up the leap, Oreo jumped up beside me and curled up on my lap. I offered the bowl of Cheerios to him, and after a quick sniff, he gobbled up half of the bowl’s contents. Outside, the rain continued to fall, regularly punctuated by more lightning and thunder, but inside, all was peaceful. On my lap, Oreo had satisfied his hunger and fallen into a deep sleep. Slowly, so as not to disturb my new friend’s nap, I traded the bowl of cereal for the television remote and returned to channel surfing in hopes of finding the perfect show to pass the rest of the now-less-gloomy afternoon.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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