Twilight: Movie vs Book

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The Twilight saga is a fantasy book that became a lot more popular with the motion picture that came out 2 years after the book. Golden has to do with a teenage woman that brings risk to her life by falling in love with a never-ceasing vampire. The book is written by Stephanie Meyer who has composed 3 more books to the series. Even believed that the film “Twilight” was based on the book it had a lot of distinctions and there were a lot of missing parts.

Among the biggest differences is that the book is composed from Bella’s ideas; it is really she who narrates the circumstances she is in. The reader gets to be Bella in a manner and you learn everything she believes and feels about Edward. Although in the motion picture shows on both Bella and Edward, by enjoying the film you don’t get the exact same feeling as in the book. If there are some personal ideas of Bella that the viewer need to know about, you get them in the context of the story; it feels almost like Bella is writing a diary.

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Another crucial difference is how Bella learns that Edward is a vampire. In the book, the school they are entering is having a dance and because Bella is not really that in to dancing she and Edward choose to go to Seattle, but the don’t even go to Seattle instead Edward takes Bella to the meadow and informs her what he is and he exposes himself in the sunshine so that she can see that he is shimmering in the sunshine.

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In the movie they remain in front of their school preparing to go to class and Edward chooses to go to the neighboring forest, Bella pursued him and she confessed that she knows what he is, Edward was shocked and he attempts to frighten her by showing himself in to the sunshine so that she can see that he is sparkling. Nevertheless the book and the movie have a lot of resemblances as well. The family characteristics are described extremely well. In the book Bella’s mom Rene is extremely eccentric and she cares a lot about Bella, despite the fact that she does not get more than a couple of minutes in the film, you can easily see her character.

It is the same with Bella’s father Charlie, he did not spend much time with Bella when she was little and the awkwardness between them is described well in the book and in the movie. Altogether both the book and the movie follow the same storyline. As I mentioned earlier the movie is based on the book twilight and it is hard to miss that, they have the same method and all the important characters. I would recommend to read the book first and then watching the movie because the small differences in the movie are significant as of course that depends from the viewers.

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