Tulak Reaction Paper Essay

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Tulak Reaction Paper

TULAK – film worth watching for. It is a reawakening film for those who possessed addiction to drugs and brings significant views in awareness to drug addiction; at the same time, it gives viewers better understanding before pre-judging and condemning drug addicts for they also are victims of the reality of life. The story goes around with a young boy who lived in a life of darkness and carried it up to his adulthood but realizes that darkness made him blind to see all the things that are worth and have sense, and that his life can be meaningful and will be if he would choose to be on the light. Tikboy (Rafael Rosell), is a typical young boy in a narrow alley called “Kalye Walang Buhay” where most of the residents are criminals, immorals, and drug dependents.

Orphaned at an early age, her aunt Lukray (Isabel Lopez), an aging prostitute took him under her wings with her live-in partner, Abdon (Julio Diaz), a low-ranking policeman, corrupt, fraudulent and a drug pusher. Tikboy serves as his delivery boy in most of his drug deals and identified as “batang tulak”. He did escape through the help of his aunt from that miserable place, leaving her aunt behind. But it had turned out that his life was more exposed to the life he had leave for. He was on the street like any other street boys, keeping his self alive in any means just to fill an empty stomach. He and his friends was offered a job by a church goer but they can’t resist the call of the life they’re used.

They keep on going and going back to the street and lived the same way until they are all grownups, lived in separate ways, but this time they are drug addicts. Tikboy learned about a certain shabu tiangge at the center of a crowded slum area in a far district. He was shocked and upset to see Lukray, glum, miserable and a full blown addict. The people call her Lukring for being eccentric, her face filled with scars. The place is a known haven for drug pushers and users. Abdon, the owner and operator of the so-called shabu tiangge was evicted from his police service with several pending cases.

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