Traditional Games vs Modern Games

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Some people think that the modern childrens’ games do not contribute to their development as much as the traditional games do. Do you agree? Discuss

Traditional games plays an important role in children health development whereas modern games help just to pass your time while sitting at home and playing with computer games and making you more lazy.I tootally agree that traditional games are far better than modern games .

In this world, where children are facing competition in schools , entertainment is needed with studies .

These traditional games give them some relaxation from their studies and it also helps in increasing wining attitude in children as well as it also helps in increasing cooperation which plays an important role in communicate with other people in future.It also makes our mind fresh and ready to face any competition.

It shares many benefits but have some draw backs too , mostly traditional games are usually same , children need changes today so playing same games makes them dull.

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In this changing world where fashion changes every weeks , old games should bring changes so children start playing again these games.

Modern games are unlimited and it helps in learning new technologies and children learn computers but it makes children mind more notorious and little bit criminal,for instance, I heard in news that in U.S.A one children bring gun to school and kills many children when police probes , they find this guy plays shooting games on computer and want to try it practically for amusement.

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To conclude , traditional games are better for child development than modern games but to make it more enjoyable there should be some modern changes so children enjoy them and makes their mind fresh and their body healthy

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Traditional Games vs Modern Games

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