This essay is a definition of the word perfection Essay

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This essay is a definition of the word perfection

Why does everyone strive for perfection when it is unattainable? It is unattainable because nothing in reality can ever be “perfect.” However, we find perfection in the never-ending quest to be “perfect.”

The way to achieve perfection is through experience. Experience is filled with mistakes because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t learn very much from it. It is admirable to aspire perfection, but foolish to expect that it will come quickly or with out mistakes. It certainly pays to expect the best of oneself, it also pays to be realistic and patient. Perfection is not a state of mind, it is a feeling of completeness. The only way to arrive at the feeling is to have the determination to get there. Determination plays a major role in perfection.

I have heard people say, “If I could just get that bill paid off, if I could just get that promotion, if I could just finish this one “thing,” then everything will be perfect and I won’t want anything more.” After completing these takes, another bill is charged, a better job comes along, that one “thing” is done and now there is another “thing” to be accomplished. The cycle continues as people strive for their own personal perfection. The world never stops changing, therefore people never stop trying to reach perfection.

Perfection in any endeavor is an aiming point, not a starting point. People must let the desire for it push them, and not let the absence of it stop them. To get anything done, everyone has to start somewhere on the journey to perfection and the best place to start is right where they are. Even in our world of instant fortunes, instant communication, and instant gratification, it is still true anything of true and lasting value takes time and effort. People must believe in themselves and have the willingness to never give up. Dedication is required in order to reach perfection.

Dedication and determination are both aspects of perfection. People come across these aspects everyday while they strive for perfection. When the effort and desire to accomplish a take is to its fullest, that is when perfection is obtained. The only way to do so is to aim for perfection and follow the lest-than-perfect road to get you there.

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