The Wizard of Oz Film Review Essay

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The Wizard of Oz Film Review

Hailed as perhaps one of the most influential movies of the present time, the film The Wizard of Oz has continued to mesmerize adults and children alike for many years.  Based on the 1900s novel entitled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, the movie adaptation starring Judy Garland as Dorothy captured the imagination of many.  Given its success, this short discourse will now attempt to provide a formal criticism, which is an attempt to examine the way in which the movie is crafted without regard for the standards of truth or morality.  This objective will attempt to shed light on the wonder that is The Wizard of Oz.

            The plot of the movie is quite simple, to say the least, as it involves the adventures of Dorothy and her dog, Toto, as they search for a way back home.  During their travels they encounter a number of characters who each have their own problems and together they march off to meet the Wizard of Oz who can help them.  This is a basic plot that is found in most adventure stories.  Yet as shown in this movie, it is the interplay of all the literary elements which make it the hit that it is.

            As mentioned, the characters, the setting, the symbol metaphors and tone elements, all play a crucial role in the development of the theme and the plot.  Thought Dorothy is no longer alone in Oz, her companions are not exactly the perfect bunch.  Each has a handicap that works for or against them and this is shown in the clashes with the minions of the Wicked Witch of the West.  It becomes a more compelling story as the setting lends to the magical feeling that the audience experiences.  The colorful sets and the outrageous costumes all add to the already rich image that is presented.

            Finally, the storyline is masterfully climaxed when Dorothy finds out that the ruby slippers, which have undoubtedly become an icon of the present generation, are magical and can take her home as long as she clicks her heels together.  This wonderful interplay of elements is what makes The Wizard of Oz the wonderfully magical tale that it is.

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