The university experience is an advancing one for young adults it is

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The university experience is an advancing one for young adults, it is critical for the improvement and direction of one's profession. Future students can build up a dream to satisfy their ideal potential, the motivation to participate in something new for self- discovery, and understanding their capabilities to become future strong leaders. This is the experience of me, tasting a little bit of university life and how this experience helped me develop a better understanding of my future life goals.

It was the end of grade nine and the beginning of summer; I was very excited to hang with my friends.

I received the news that my parents signed me up for a business program for a week at Sharjah University in the United Arab Emirates since my parents had friends who worked at the university, andtold them about the summer program. At first, I was not thrilled to learn about this information and, ruin my summer vacation. However, my mom convinced me to give it a try.

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Without realizing it, this opportunity would allow me to under what university was like once I would graduate from high school. To apply for the program, I had to write a thousand-word essay about why I deserved to be admitted into the program, and what business project I was interested in developing. I intended on developing an app to rent out bikes. This app would allow you to check in and check out different kinds of bikes from a local bike shop. The app also informed borrowers about popular attraction in the community of Sharjah as well as local events.

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I was accepted into the program two days later; I was so stoked because my best friend Fatima had also been accepted into the program. I was so excited to commence this program, that I practically packed my entire bedroom. I took my pillow, blanket, bed sheets. Unnecessary, but it was my first time leaving home. I arrived at the beautiful university campus; it was so active full of people and had beautiful views, little caf?'s, and beautiful sunsets. My first day was beyond my imagination, I met such wonderful and intelligent young ladies that were all here for the same reason.

My time at Sharjah University was transformative; I developed the skill set and mindset necessary to launch a business. My classroom experience in a university setting encouraged to me participate in discussions. It opened me to what my future classes are going to be like. It also showed me what to expect.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

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