Facebook advertising affect young adults' buying behaviour

Social media is unique and its huge popularity completely changed the advertising and promotion and other marketing practices. Social media also influences consumer behaviors from information acquisition to post-purchase behaviors, such as unsatisfactory statements or behaviors of products or companies (Simona, Iuliana, Luigi, Mihai, 2013).Facebook is a kind of social media site that actually gathers different people in a virtual platform to guarantee deeper social interaction, stronger community and implementation of cooperative projects. Moreover, Facebook is an online platform to help people share their ideas, experiences and opinions and communicate with each other.

Millions of people use Facebook every day. According to research in 2012, Facebook had 500 million active users worldwide at the end of the years. After two year later, the number of active users almost doubled to 955 million (Fazal, Muhammad, Tariq, Shabir, 2014). According to the survey of Facebook 2018, 37% of the users are active users who logs into the app at least once a month (Paula, 2018). Therefore, advertisers develop word of mouth through Facebook, which makes Facebook advertising an effective means to enhance the brand image of various goods and services (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010).

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Facebook allows companies to target specific customers and advertise their products or services through effective advertising. This has led to widespread the use of Facebook around the world and make Facebook become a new major of advertising platform that companies use to reach potential customers (Fazal, Muhammad, Tariq, Shabir,2014)In Facebook's promotional posts and last year's offer, Facebook allowed marketer marketing in a mobile environment, where most users visit Facebook, which is the Mobile phone.

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Moreover, recommended posts give companies the ability to push posts to fans, and dramatically increase advertisement coverage. (Parul, 2016)At the same time, Facebook ads give users or consumers the opportunity to actively interact with the ads on their pages, allow them to "like" and "share," and also see who or which friends like or share the same ads. According to some research, social media like Facebook can check a brand's credibility. In today's corporate market, the success or failure of any company depends on public perception. After that, the success of advertising should also take into the consumers' evaluation of the interest arouses (Milad & Mustafa ,2015). Facebook can access mobile applications make the user more convenient to check the Facebook. According to the research published by SMG Knowledge (2012) and the global network index, the research on the change of consumer purchasing behaviour caused by the Internet is conducted (Ates,2013). The Internet and virtual communities have changed consumers, society and companies, enabling them to obtain information widely, improve social networks and enhance their communication skills. As a result, social networks are defined as sites that link millions of users from around the world with the same interests, opinions and interests. Facebook is an example of social media that is popular with consumers at all levels (Elisabeta & Ivona, S ,2014). Problem statementFor the previous study, competitive social media is become more well-known. Instagram has become the popular social media among young adult. The application gained even more popularity when it was launched on Androids, because it was downloaded more than one million times in less than a day after the launch. Large numbers of people have opened virtual stores on social media. The active monthly user of Instagram at September 2015 had reach 400 million, Instagram had an average order value of US$65 per order, while Facebook had only US$55 per order. Furthermore, Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement than other SNSs (Jasmine, Christy, Dimple, 2017). At the same time, Instagram also have the same function of the Facebook. Instagram also has many types of the online store can attract the younger adult user to view and affect the buying behaviour to younger adult. Moreover, Instagram also provide the social interactive, sharing status same as Facebook. Make the young people like to use Instagram.The famous and popular of Instagram make company confuse on Facebook can affect the young adults buying behaviours or not. So, the research problem is Does Facebook will affect young adult buying behaviour? Research questionThe research question is:1. How frequent of young adult using Facebook's online shop to buying?2. Does Facebook advertisement persuade consumers to buying?3. How the Facebook advertisement can attract young adult?Research objectiveThe objective to do the research is to measure how frequent of consumer using Facebook to do the buying behaviour. After that, to investigate Facebook advertisement will persuade consumers buying action. To understand the kind of Facebook s advertisement that can be more attract the young adult.Research significantThe contribute value of this research is help the company to know Facebook can affect the buying behaviour of young adult. Besides, the Facebook s advertiser or the company can prove and create the Facebook advertisement become more attractive to the young adult. The advertisement is important to appeal the desire of buying something. The Final result of the research can change the thought of the company to the Facebook, which is impossible to attracts the young adults.Literature ReviewOnline social media provide a new method to create advertisement. It throwed the traditional way of create advertisement, it can through music and video to attract more viewers. Facebook is a social media platform and suitable for users of all levels and ages, such as young adult. Young adult are the largest and fastest growing group of people who use the Internet online. With the emergence of the Internet, it has become indispensable for the use of social media, blogs, emails, music and other tools. (greenfield,2014). According to a 2014 study, 53% of young adult used Facebook social networking websites every day. (Sumit, Sachin & Devendra,2017). Through research, we can learn that Facebook ads have a larger audience, which is young adult. According the past study on 2018, It has decrease of young adult user in Facebook and the increase of young adult user in competitive social media. (Jasmine, Christy & Dimple,2017). It makes company and advertiser would confuse the Facebook advertisement's impact toward young adult. So, it would have to research the influence of Facebook advertising for the buying decision making toward the young adult. For the purpose of the current research is use the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) to study the impact of social media Facebook advertising toward the young adult buying behaviour.The theory of planned behavior (TPB) was presented by Icek Ajzen, this theory was started from the rational behavior theory (TRA) in 1980, which was used to predict the intention of individuals to engage in a certain behavior at a specific time and place. The aims of theory used to explain all the behaviors that people have the ability to control themselves. The TPB model showed that there are three factors influencing behavioral intention such as attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control (PBC). Attitude is used to know a person likes or dislikes behavior that he or she is interested in and needs to consider the consequences of behaviour execution. Subjective norm is beliefs about whether most people agree with this behavior. This is associated with a person's faith, his or her peers and others think that he or she should engage in such behavior. Perceived behavior control refers to a person's perception of how easy it is to perform behaviors that interest them. Perceived behavior control varies to the different situation and behavior, lead to the individual the perceived behavior control varies to the different situation. The perceived behavioral control was added later and led to the transition from the theory of rational behavior to the theory of planned behavior. (Icek,1991).The theory of planned behaviour was used as a framework in the previous and current study.The theory of planned behavior has been used to predict and interpret behavior and intentions. TPB is apply successfully to every current and previous behaviour research. For the previous study on 2018, the theory of planned behaviour could be applied in a Facebook advertising to predict engagement with Facebook advertising of 656 Facebook users over 18 years from South African by considering attitude towards and subjective norm. The results show that the attitude and subjective norm on Facebook advertising engagement behavior will have a significant role, and perceived behavioral control on Facebook advertising engagement, the behavior intention no significant prediction effect. (Sanne & Wiese,2018). According the previous study on 2015, the researcher uses the theory of planned behavior to find how consumer attitude toward advertising can influence consumer to buying online. Research data collected by survey questionnaire. Sample size of 340 students at public and private universities filled the survey and the sample student must be internet user. Buying behaviour will provide an intention to buy. The study result is consumer have a desire based on attitude then explain their buying behaviour. (Muhammad& Dwi,2015). The previous study become the references to do the current research.Theoretical frameworkAccording to the Figure 1, The study used theory of planned behaviour to do research of the impact of social media Facebook advertising toward the young adult buying behaviour. The intention can influence by the three component such as Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural control. The behaviour only influences by the intention. Through the theory, attitude of young adult toward the Facebook. Chapter 3 MethodologyResearch designResearch design is the plan, structure, and strategy of a study designed to obtain answers to RQ or questions. Research design is the effectiveness of researchers' use of programmed programs to answer questions objectively, accurately and economically. Qualitative research is about exploring and understanding the meaning of individuals or groups attributed to social or human problems (Creswell, 2009). Through qualitative research, the research process includes procedures, data collected through the setting of participants and data analysis that generalizes the formal details of the general topic. Subsequently, the researchers interpreted the meaning of the data (Creswell, 2009). Researcher use the qualitative method and the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) for the research analysis. In the research, the buying decision processes through the intention of Facebook advertising were studied, so the qualitative approach would help to analyse how the young adult had experiences during buying decision processes through the Facebook advertising affected by the attitude, norm and perceived behaviour control. For the collected data, researcher use the interview method to collected the qualitative data and analysis the recorded data.ProceduresFor the procedures of the research, researcher selected the participant study in the university and college. The university student willing to be interviewed is 50% and 50% student come from college. Each interview for every participant is used around 10 minutes. the important to do interview more clearly and accurate is use the English to ask the research question. The interview has divided in 4 days to processed. The interview has conducted during 22th of March until 26th of march. Each school use 2 day to conducted the interview. The researchers will be going to save the participants simple contact information such as email address if can use it later.Data collectionInterview is a process of qualitative data collected as part of a study, and then the researchers analyse the qualitative data for the data collection of participant experience, behavior and opinion understanding (Creswell, 2009). The aim of the interview was to gain important insight into the experience of young adult who use Facebook to find product information and interact with advertising, such as buying behavior. The interview would provide a data to solve the research problem and a chance to evaluate the impact of advertising on young adult afterward Facebook advertisement was influential on young adult buying intention. The interview is focus on the young adult has using the Facebook to online buying and the interview question is about 6 questions. The interview would use 10 minutes to conducted. At the same time, researcher would be doing audio and video recorded for the content accessed of the participant.SamplingFor the sampling of the research is through young adult buyer are buying on Facebook and participant have using Facebook. The sample is selected randomly and collected about 40 of participants to do interview. The participant must study at university (UTAR) and college (TARC) at Kampar. After that, the target participant is young adult around 18 to 24 years old. The participant must have use social media tool Facebook and have experience to use online buying by the social networking sites Facebook. The reason of choose the UTAR and KTAR because the student study in private school are better in economic base are more capacity to have buying behaviour on unnecessary or favourite product or service.Data analysisAfter the interview, researchers collected data for the interview. After all the data are sorted out, the participant is notified by email to check the accuracy and correctness of the data content. All references are encoded using the qualitative software program. Researcher using the inductive subject approach, some type of data will be evaluated and identified to the set of data. After that, data will be combined together through the coding system. Similar code will combine and become a major category. Data obtained from tapes that are transcribed verbatim in Microsoft word and Windows media player.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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