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The Target Market and Advertisement

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (817 words)
Categories: Advertisement
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The creators of the Maxi-Milk advertisement (Figure 1) utilises a relatively young man to appeal to a target audience of men aged 27 to 35. The product, Maxi-Milk, is a protein supplement used by sportspeople and recreational athletes to build muscle. The age demographic targeted tend to have a young family or are in the process of starting one. This is further supported by the use of a small child, presumably, the man’s child, appealing to those with their own family. Those who have not yet started their own family are drawn to the family aspect of the advertisement.

The target market is also one that is active and hard-working, whilst having busy individuals due to their life stage. This interest in athletic activities is targeted by the man holding up the front of the car effortlessly with a single hand, showcasing the athletic appeal of the product. The man’s business attire also appeals to this market segment as they are generally in a stage in their careers in which they are seeking promotions and higher positions due to their relative experience.

They are motivated to purchase the product as it allows for the target market to fit their fitness goals into their busy lives, as a quick, nutritious and healthy supplement.

Figure 2 is an Olay advertisement for an eye care kit, specifically in improving the youthful look. Olay segments the market appeal to a target audience of a woman aged 35 to 45. This target demographic is increasingly becoming concerned with youthful, as they are generally beginning to show signs of ageing, especially in the eye region. This is supported by the text on the advertisement reading, ‘Show your emotions not your age’.(Figure 2). The target demographic can be presumed to be of a higher income bracket due to the brand, Olay, being considered as a premium cosmetic. The advertisement includes a young model to appeal to the motives, interests and lifestyle of the target market. The main motive of the target market is to appear younger. This is supported by text on the advertisement reading, ‘ Ageless Eyes’. However, these women must also have an interest in cosmetics, due to the product being offered comes in multiple parts. This can be intimidating for those who do not have an interest in cosmetics. An affluent lifestyle is also expected for this market segment due to the nature of Olay’s premium prices and reputation.

Nerf is a brand of plastic toy guns with a target market of young boys ranging from 8 to 13 years of age. The model used (see figure 3) is a boy who is slightly outside of the age bracket. This can influence the target audience to believe the product is cool’ as they revere older individuals. This demographic is either entering or preparing to enter puberty. This is an import phase for developing a sense of belonging, further creating a greater influence the model has on the appeal of the product.

The Nerf guy itself is rather destructive, which also appeals to boys entering this stage of their lives. These young boys are primarily active, thrill-seeking individuals. This is captured by the mid-action shot of the model, appealing to the type of activities the segmented market enjoys. The target market is also interested in developing friendships as part of their activities. The gun itself is a social toy and requires more than one person to be enjoyed fully, appealing to their social interests. Living in an increasingly digital world, the target market may be drawn to the physical aspect of the toy. As the effects the digital world has on the health of children, they may be more motivated to find more ways to detach themselves from the digital world.

The ad campaign This Girl Can’ is an advertisement promoting girls to participate in sports, particularly those aged 14 to 22. This is evident as the use of the model (see figure 4), who falls directly in the target market is performing a football skill. This can be inspiring for the target market and the slogan is empowering too in its inclusive language reading, ‘This Girl Can’. This demographic has relatively large amounts of spare time as they have not entered full-time work, leaving the opportunity to participate in sports.

The psychographic profile of the market segment is that of an active, determined and social group. The active nature of the model (see figure 4) appeals to the target market who also has an interest in keeping fit and active. By extension, this makes for determined individuals who enjoy a challenge. This is put for once more by the slogan, ‘This Girl Can’, presenting a challenge to the target market and instigating their motivation to succeed. These girls also tend to be highly social among each other. Sporting activities can facilitate such an environment that would appeal to the target market.

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