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Target Marketing


Any lover of outdoors sports may be browsing the internet for information on national and international parks when L.L.Bean’s website shows up on Google, not only to provide information on parks but also sell outdoor gear to the potential customer.  Thus, “Explore the Outdoors” serves two essential purposes: attract new customers and build better relationships with the existing customers who enjoy this complementary service provided by L.L.Bean.  This portion of the website also guides internet surfers to outdoor discovery schools and displays photographs of L.

L.Bean’s customers donning the company’s outdoor gear in breathtaking environments for outdoor sports.  This is meant to strengthen the marketing effort of the company.  The photographs serve as advertisements for L.L.Bean’s outdoor gear. What is more, “Explore the Outdoors” provides information about individuals who have positively impacted outdoor sports to encourage the serious sports lover to purchase L.L.Bean’s outdoor gear and make it to the top.  After all, the customer is convinced about the company’s commitment to outdoor sports.


Timex is already producing a watch for people that go on expeditions.  But, if it manufactures a watch especially for golfers, similar to Tag Heuer’s new professional golf watch – it is sure to increase its revenues.  After all, countless golfers are wealthy males who would be willing to pay a high price for a professional golf watch from Timex.  If Timex designs a golfer’s watch with benefits similar to Tag Heuer’s light and wrist-friendly golf watch, and sells it for a price lower than that of Tag Heuer’s golf watch, many of the latter’s potential customers would turn to Timex instead.

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  Indeed, a golf watch by Timex would prove to be a highly profitable product.  Moreover, it would allow Timex to enter a new market – that of wealthy golfers, who would be willing to turn to Timex time and again.

Updated: May 20, 2021

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